Carnation Pink Top with Red-Orange Pants

It is never my way of matching an odd color with a bright color, but I found the Idea so interesting, more so because I have seen people rocking them and I’m like, it’s odd but it looks good
The top color being a carnation pink that has a navy blue ribbon made it such a risk for me trying to style it with an orange-red pants, nude shoes, blue bracelet, chocker neck and with my popping blue nail polish. All the colours were contrasting each other.
I wore the outfit on Thursday. I Passed by one of my photographer’s office who also happen to be a personal fitness trainer. We took some few photos, I looked at them and was like ‘not bad’ and decided too share the outfit with you.

PS: When I looked at the full outfit and how pleasant it looked in my eyes, I thought of Life and how is full of taking risks. But then when you look back and see all the risks you have taken;the negative and the positive you realize how beautiful, wise and more informed you have become.

Photography by @Godiapictures

Pants -Ms Kaela Closet

Happy Easter Lovelies.

Let me know your thoughts about my outfit in the link below.



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