It is one of those dresses you wanna wear once in a while in very rare occasions, but it’s only for the bold at heart. For the woman confident in her body and skin.

It was raining a lot that day, 1600hrs into the day but the sky looked like it was late at night with darkness covering the land. The weather was freezing cold yet we were determined to finish what took us there, great photos with magical scenery and that’s what we exactly got.

If you have worked with Jonathan Makori of Najos Photography, you already know that he doesn’t disappoint. When he puts his mind into delivering quality work ,he delivers 100%. With bad whether and the rains, he managed to find epic scene and took enticing photos. Many thanks to him.

Black with black in black and my skin piercing through the darkness was the theme that day.

Dress from Ms Kaela Closet
Shoes – Dynamic Boutique
Photography by Najosย Photography
Hair from Super Duper

I’m glad you passed by here.



  1. The photos look great! You look so classy and elegant and I love the lace, you should try a lingerie shoot next. ๐Ÿ˜‰ x x x


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