I always love the art of makeup and never mind doing it each and everyday. As a matter of fact I apply makeup each and every day whenever I’m going somewhere but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate my natural beauty, I do too much. I rock my naked face in public and have those no makeup days when I’m in the house the whole day. To keep it brief, Makeup is essential to each and every woman because it is meant to accentuate your beauty. Don’t over apply it to make you look like somebody else, not unless it’s Halloween Manenos or you wanna hide your true identity Lol.

3INA Products
This past Wednesday 3INA Makeup brand was running a brand awareness campaign and I happened to be one of their social media influencer for this month featuring their eye makeup only that ranges from eye primer, to cream, powder & pencil eyeshadow, colored mascara, eyeliners etc. They give you that flawless look plus Their colors are just super amazing. You should have seen me trying to choose which colors to pick on the free giveaway list . I was so undecided but finally I picked 5 products of really good colors that I can’t wait to share with you here.

We did a YouTube video with the amazing Vlogger and Makeup artist, Crystal Olisa for her channel featuring 3INA eye makeup products. So if you get a chance visit her Youtube Channel and subscribe here.

A selfie of me with Crystal OLisa

Makeup by Crystal Olisa
Photography by her
Eyeshadow and Mascara – 3INA
LOcation: 3INA shop, Two Rivers Mall
My shoes – Gift
Dress – Ciems fashion Beauty Boutique
Cardigan – Thrifted somewhere in Westlands
Choker neck – Macy’s Beauty Hub
Bracelet – My Closet

NB: Makeup should never be used to hide yourself, It should be used to enhance your natural beauty.

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  1. Now this is good makeup, no big difference between your natural look and your makeup look. You rock in both.

  2. New here but I must say that I love your blog its really educative, informative and entertaining. Keep it up!


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