Having a great skin, smooth, soft and flawless means everything to a woman. You know what I mean! We go through all the trouble of trying so many products both medical and homemade just to achieve that perfect skin. Our major concentration being our face.
I struggled with some of this skincare problems too. Trust me I know exactly how it feels. The struggle is real.

Here are the most common skincare problems women go through with their possible Solutions.

1. Oily Skin – If your skin is oily like mine, you know exactly how annoying it is. One minute after applying your makeup or face cream your face looks great and the next minute your face is greasy and all shining like crazy. Some oily skins are more prone to acne which make it worse.
So how do we solve Oily Skincare Problem: Use products – face mask, soap, moisturizer and primer – for oily skins to control excess sebum. Try that and yo will be less worried. NB:clay mask works better

2. Dry flaky Skin – Whereas some like me are suffering from Oily skincare problem, some other ladies are struggling with dry skin a condition which their skin produces low sebum and lack enough water in their most superficial layer of their skin thus making their face dry and flaky all the time. If you apply makeup or cream it make it worse because the dry flaky patches become more visible, which are definitely so annoying.
How do you Control this condition? Drink a lot of water, use products for dry skin.

3. Pimples – Damn! they are so nasty. Lets face it,every lady goes through this humiliating time and some are still going through it, it isn’t interesting at all. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest struggle of all time that affects both men and women. whereas there are numerous products out there for treating pimples I suggest when the condition is persistent, see a dermatologist.

4. Blackheads/whiteheads- we all love seeing our faces/skin spotless and smooth, but sometimes we are left with blackhead or whiteheads after recovering from pimples. we always want to squeeze the hell out of them so that they can get out of sight but the more you pick on them the worse they become.
Solution; watch your diet, take a lot of water, avoid touching your face with your hands all the time, get the right treatment.

5. Cyst – They are usually, large, red, very painful and deeply rooted in our skin type of acne. Its so disgusting dealing with it but with the right treatment they disappear completely. Solution see a dermatologist and get the right treatment.

6. Nodules – It is a severe inflammatory type of acne that not only women but also men suffer from. they can stay under the surface for a long time and eventually it hardens making it difficult to remove it.
Solution; Exfoliate your face often, steam your face to soften your skin for easy removal, go for facials & finally use a dermatologist recommended medicine.

7. Eczema – it makes the skin red and itchy with rashes. The rash appears more commonly on the face, behind the ears, back of the knees, wrists, hands, or feet. after sometime you will notice the area affected being very dry, scaly and thickened. So how do we treat it, especially face eczema? Steroid creams.

8. After Pimples Black spots and brown spots – If you are lucky enough to have recovered from pimples without a single black spot remaining, then To God Be the glory. Most women are left with spots and we usually go through a lot of hustle just to see them disappear from our lives completely. While it might take time for them to eventually disappear, Scrubbing and black soap really helps in making them fade away.

9. Dead skin/flaky skin – Once in a while we all get the flakyness of the dead skin.Getting rid of dead skin is easy; simply exfoliate and scrub often. You use a daily scrubber for long-lasting effect.

10. Sunburns – They make up the skincare problems list. they are so normal but you can prevent your face from getting sunburns all the time by using SPF creams or buying face products and makeup that have SPF in them.

11. Rashes – Damn! they are so annoying, especially the tiny ones that form white heads. We all struggle with them from time to time but the good news is they can be prevented by using a soap, moisturizer, and creams suitable for your skin type.

NB: Having enough sleep, drinking 8 glasses of Water a day, eating right, and treating your skin is the journey to having a great flawless skin.



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