Friday is one of those days you wanna dress down completely into a casual outfit. You don’t need to strain your feet in heels, fit into some cozy suit with a neck – tie, or some official trouser/skirt/coat . It’s an easy day that you need to dress into something comfy, free and casual.

Personally if I’m not having office meetings but just some casual meetings, I trim down my dressing completely. Ragged jeans, camisole tops, off shoulder tops, khaki pants, wide legged pants , three-quarter pants etc.  does better for Fridays.

When it comes to handbags and sling-bags, a sling bag should be your choice for casual days with just a few essentials; #notebook #facepowder #lipcare essentials #wallet etc. For the shoes, flat shoes will do better if not a one or two inch heel.

Last Friday I had just a few errands to run in town,  the weather was pretty cold and this is what I wore.


Photography By Daniel Godia
Coat – My cousins
Trouser – Mskaela Closet
Camisole Top – Thrifted at adams Market
Shoes – Gift
Sling bag – Cici Shoetic

What do you think of the outfit?

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Until next post, Stay Safe.