We all get to that point of shopping on a tight budget. There are generally those low times of the months or the times when you don’t have enough in the bank but still looking good, classy and expensive is what you wanna achieve even in those hard times. If you are used to spending a lot it can get crazy when you don’t have enough money to buy that designer bag, designer clothes, go to your favorite salon for manicure & pedicure or even afford the super cute pair of shoes or sunglasses you’ve always admired.

So how do you slay on a tight budget?

I have been there, done that and slaying on a tight budget has been super easy to me. Here are but a few tips I use to slay on a tight budget that I know will be super beneficial to you; Thank me later.

1. Make use of thrift stores and Markets #mutumba
It feels so good to be dressed in a designer outfit: I know the feeling is just amazing but you never know that there are really unique and stylish clothes you can get from thrift stores or markets e.g Toi market, adams market, kenyatta market etc.the kinds that you won’t spot anybody wearing it apart from you at a very cheap price starting from 200 shillings. I once bought a dress for 200 shillings and it is still in conditions and fly as ever. see it here.

2. Buy that mani-pedi set and do you nails in the house with the help of your sibling or a friend: it will save you a lot more cash which you can use on other important things.

3. Recycle clothes
There are those old pair of shirts or jeans that you had completely forsaken them; it’s time to get them out, clean them, iron them and rock them like you own the world girl.

4. Redesign your old clothes
If the pair of jeans has grown short; make a three quarter out of it. If it’s old make holes into it to create a nice ragged trouser. If the pair of shirt/t-shirt has grown big well cut in into a nice top design; there are 1001 YouTube videos to show you how exactly to do that.

5. Shop only when there are offers & Discounts in online stores & boutiques.
Be on the look out for clothes, hair, shoes and makeup offers and discounts on the online stores. Save some extra cash with discounts and offers from different stores it will take you along way. I do that a lot; you can end up buying a designer shoes/sunglasses/wrist watch etc. at a very affordable price.

6. Make Youtube Bae when it comes to making your hair.
Learn the simple hair styling tips that you can do it from home. Don’t splurge money in salon when you are working on a tight budget, but invest in the hair essentials e.g blow-dry that will enable you to work on your hair from home or have somebody help you. I personally make my hair from the house; right from relaxing my hair, applying treatment and blow-drying it, so yes it is possible to do it from home.

7. Sell the clothes that you don’t use anymore and make some extra cash.
Separate the ones you need from the ones you don’t use anymore and make some money from unwanted clothes and shoes by selling them online at soko ya 1000 bob and below.

8. Buy just what you need and not what you want.
We always want to buy so many things; given a chance we’ll buy the whole world of fashion and beauty and never have to worry what we gonna buy next, but the question is, is what you wanna buy truly what you need???
When in low financial times just buy what you truly need.

9. Learn as many styling tips as you can. Pair your favorite pants with totally different tops that you’ve never tried, add throw on tops #cardigans #fannies #ponchos to look more cozy, change your skirts into tops and vice versa, turn your trouser into a pair of sexy short and finally make layering your bae becoz you can never go wrong with it.

10. Lastly check out cosmetic deals and offers.
Makeup and normal skin products/oils are expensive; only buy when they have great deals #clearance sale #discounts #offers to save some coins.

What are other ways/tips of slaying on a tight budget?
Drop them in the comment box below. Also your views about the article are highly welcomed

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Until next time keep slaying and looking fly.



  1. wow thanks for the tips gal they are really educative. I didn’t understand that part of redesigning though

    • Hello Maureen, thanks for stopping by… examples of redesigning for quick understanding are; how to cut a shirt into a tank top, how to make a ragged jeans out of an old jeans, how to make , transforming old t-shirts etc.

  2. Thrift stores are always such a saviour during those financial struggle moments, I love mutumbas. They make up most part of my wardrobe

  3. It’s mind blowing to know that you do your own hair at the comfort of your house. I saw that you really have nice hair with high volume, what products do you use for it?

  4. Comment:Wow , This is a good one, Thanks for the tips, I’m touched by what you just said , you make your own hair at home when you are working on a tight budget, This is pretty cool, I too I have tried this several times and has really worked well and saved me alot from going to a Saloon when I’m kinda working on a tight budget.


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