1. Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire.

2. It’s fun to be spontaneous:tickle, dance, or join your partner/spouse in the shower.

3. The importance of looking into your partner/spouse’s eyes while listening.

4. To cherish the rare moments of uncontrollable laughter.

5. How to nurture your partner’s/spouse’s potential.

6. “I love you” sounds much better than “why didn’t you?”

7. How to bring out the playful child in one another.

8. The importance of discovering insight from every problem.

9. Physical intimacy is easier to achieve than emotional intimacy.

10. Behaviors that please your partner.

11. Small steps in the right direction can produce big results.

12. To have a regular date night.

13. Do not let the son go down on your anger.

14. Lover is a verb – verbs are defined by their action.

15. never is an ugly word.

16. How to keep your spouse/partner from becoming just a roommate.

17. To dream big together.

18. How to pinpoint the real issues of conflict and avoid blaming one another.

19. Quality dialogue every day has great rewards.

20. How to view life from your partner’s shoes.

21. How to say “I’m sorry”

By Doug Fields.

There’s this book I’ve been reading and it’s super enlightening , trust me there’s so much more to come on this topic.
For now the above will prove helpful in our relationships.

Until next article, keep the fire of love burning.



  1. Comment:Wow this is intresting, I too I’m from reading that book and I just realised it has a very wonderful message to everyone most especially the couple, It’s a must read book, It’ s just awesome and easy to read.


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