Hello Lovelies,
Hope you keeping warm in this freezing cold weather. Coffee is bae right now;4 cups in a day keeps me going. But that aside: before I could think of adding a coat on top of this dope outfit,how about some photos with this sleeveless top and official leggings … Yes they are official leggings.
Normally legging are casual wear, but this one that has an illusion of side and behind pockets styled for official look, looks far much perfect of an official outfit .

The good thing with leggings/jeggings are pocket friendly so you don’t have to worry. With the sleeveless top, double sole stilettos, sunglasses and brown poach the outfit was so complete.

You can get the top and the trouser at 10% discount when you call this number +2540721486376 and say my name, Ms. Kaela.

Happy shopping.

Let me know your thoughts about the outfit.




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