Good Evening Lovelies,
This dress is a must have in your wardrobes. You still wondering why?
take a look at it.

Now you know what I’m talking about. It is comfortable, classy and sophisticated. You dress it plain;still looks good. You throw on top it’s chiffon high-low cover up; it takes you from a 10 points in style to a 100% high end fashion. I mean simple things added up to your outfit can transform you to looking so expensively dressed up within seconds. You leave people wondering how many bucks did it cost you to buy the dress when it costed you just a few coins.

It’s in our nature as humans not to say how much we dressing, especially when all eyes are on you admiring and inquiring of where to get it and at what price, but I’mma do you that favor. Lol anyways that’s why I’m here.
Call +254721486376 to get one at a 10% discount when you mention my name #MsKaela.

Photography by Jane

Let me know your view on the outfit in the comment box below.

CALL TO GRAB YOURS NOW. +254721486376

Happy Shopping.




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