We all love admiring how our favorite celebrities manage to look Effortlessly Expensive and classy in each and every outfit they wear. We definitely desire to look like them when we jump into our favorite clothes but that’s not usually the case. So sometimes we put an extra effort of buying the same design/dress our favorite celebrities wore but we end up looking far from it.

Of course most of them have Stylists helping them here and there to attain the eye-catching expensive elegant look. A simple dress/shoes/coat costing a few coins they make it look like its worth a thousand bucks.

The question is: What are the styling tips that their Stylists employ to make them look so expensive???

The truth of the matter is you can buy a very expensive dress/cloth then end up looking like a scarecrow. On the other hand you can buy a pocket friendly dress and end up looking like a million bucks. It all lies in your styling prowess.

Well style is the only thing you can’t buy’, but you can definitely learn it. Here are but a few tips to achieve that celebrity expensive look all year round.

1. Keep the accessories simple and small when you want the dress to standout. Avoid big color-shouting accessories they always take away the attention from you. Instead, go for composed colours
Or the classic golden or silver jewelry.

2. Add a pair of stilettos/heels –
Truth be told wearing flat shoes gives you the okay look and not that elegant sophisticated look you would want. You like it or not pumps/stilettos have a way of taking your look from a 4 to a 10 points richer. They might be unbearable but just teach yourself slowly to wear them. Start with a one inch heels.

3. Invest in a nice pair of sunglasses. You don’t have to be told how a nice pair of sunglasses can make you look classy within minutes. It does. Invest in one.

4. Do a simple makeup – Too much makeup always makes one look cheap and kinda trying too hard to hide under something for a flawless look. Have you ever wondered why your favorite celebrity always looks super natural and yet she has make up on??? That’s coz simple makeup is more classy.

5. Keep the hair looking neat. Whether is your natural afro hair, wig, weave or braids just make a nice neat style depending on the outfit you’ve worn.

6. Go for a calm nail polish color or French nail design. I don’t need to repeat this but shouting colors look cheap.

7. Consider monochrome dressing.. Buy different pieces of clothes from different places and match them into a nice outfit.

8. And a nice pair of wrist watch to your outfit.

9.Finally go for a nice small clutch/sling/handbag.. Keep everything moderate.

Which are some other ways that you know can make someone look expensive?? Drop them in the comment box below.
Plus share your views about the article.

Until next time, stay looking expensive and elegant.




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