Stress is one of the major life problems that we have to deal with almost on a daily basis as human beings. Someway somehow if not people then our life’s situations/circumstances have a way of eating the hell out of our minds.
It doesn’t have to be be something major; small things are the ones that generally take a toll on us. If it’s not our bosses overly abusive comments, then it’s an annoying colleague, if it’s not a boyfriend/spouse somewhere who hasn’t picked your call or responded to your texts, then it’s an unreasonable person you have brushed shoulders with God knows where. If it’s not a disturbing family member then it’s a silly nosy neighbor suffering from verbal diarrhea and gossip disorder. If it’s not our difficult circumstances at the moment then it’s some best friend who all of sudden allows the demons to take over him/her and unleashes her craziness on you.

I mean as long we live in this world there’s no way you will avoid stress. But the good thing is, you can find ways to get rid of stress quickly.

Personally I used to hold on or allow people/situations stress me for a very long time. I was somebody who could easily immerse myself in the deep with negative actions ofΒ  people towards me and bed situations until I couldn’t think right but acted stupidly out of anger. It made anxiety take over me, and I grew bitter andΒ  resentful towards some people which worked against me of course.

As I explored myself further and tried to find ways to get over stress and pain easily instead of harboring it in my heart; these amazing 8 Tips worked best for me. Nowadays nobody’s craziness, unreasonable words, abuses,Β  mad character or circumstances can weigh me down; I get rid of it so fast and smile my life out.

Here are the most effective ways I employ to get rid of stress quickly.

1. Drinking a lot of water at a go. Sounds awkward right? But the truth is if you suffering from high temper or anxiety,Β  take 2-6 glasses of cold water at intervals or at a go. If possible add ice cubes. Your body, mind soul and spirit will cool down within minutes. You’ll be fresh again as if nothing has happened.

2. Take a walk, a drive or a jog to a relaxing place – whenever I’m stressed or angry at somebody I always take a walk or a drive to a nice relaxing place that will calm my nerves down. Places with a nice breeze works best for me. It works 100%, try it.

3. Listening to loud music and singing along loudly as you dance a bit – o my there’s nothing as quick in relieving stress than listening to some good music from your favorite singers. It works like magic. Just seconds and you’ll be fully immersed into another magical world where stress exist not.
I love good music, dancing and singing along just thank God that you aren’t my neighbor coz’ I can get crazy a times. In such stressful situations I usually don’t care which nosy neighbor is listening or not. If the music is loud or not because if that’s what works for me at that moment, hell yah! Why not. If you are at work; headphones serves you best.

5. Sex – I ain’t getting corny in any way. Truth be told ain’t no method better,in fact best like sex to relieve stress completely. During sex, endorphins and other feel good hormones are released into your body making you relax out of satisfaction and feel good hours afterwards. But that doesn’t mean you sleep with every Dick, Tom and Harry that you see when you stressed,just your partner. If he/she is the reason you stressing, employ others methods here in.

6. Cook or order one hell of a delicious meal or favorite thing you love eating/drinking that will leave you fully satisfied. Some people lose appetite because of stress which is very understandable but I bet there’s that one thing that you can never loose appetite in no matter the circumstances e.g. a glass of wine, ice-cream, chocolate, grilled meat, etc.
Good food has a away of relaxing you completely: as if not enough, it sings you a nice lullaby song. Before you know it you are dead asleep. Lol.

7. Go Hangout with a friend/s who make/s you feel good, with laughter and smiles all the way. The stress will evaporate away within seconds.

8. Get a nice comedy movie to watch or a play station games. Watching comic movies Within a few minutes you will be laughing uncontrollably as if nothing ever happened. And with the play station games, they have away of selfishly stealing all your concentration to it.

9. Some good deep and sensual massage from your partner. Damn! Ain’t it super relaxing. It’s always like tonnes of luggage has been lifted of you within seconds as you feel each n every inch of your partner’s hands on your skin. You can also get a masseuse to massage you at the comfort of your house.

10. Gym/Workout/Exercise – Yoga or normal exercises helps relieve stress super fast by bumping up production of feel-good hormone in our brains thus improving our sense of well-being.

11. Immerse yourself in a warm bath tub for Like 15-30 minutes. Have an interesting book and a glass of wine/juice with you. Ask me, the feeling is heavenly. Your sorrows, your pain and stress will disappear within a fraction of a second.

12. Finally the easiest for the last; Sleep Sleep sleep!!! You will wake up thinking right with possible solutions. As they say weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

What are some other simple ways of relieving stress that have proven helpful to you and I haven’t mentioned above?? Drop them in the comment box below.

Until next article have a stress free blessed time.



  1. I love the article, probably one of the best in your blog. It tackles reak problem that we struggle with every day. It’s is very educative.

  2. Honestly drinking a glass of cold water with ice cubes when you are boiling with anger really helps come the nerves down. Great article, great info.

  3. Eating alot of food when stressed is always my typa way of getting stress out. That explains where all my kilos come from hehe

    • Anha, I see.. You better watch out gal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. Practice other ways of relieving stress lest you start struggling with weight issues πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Hey Kaela, this is a very nice article. Have you thought of writing for nation newspaper or the standard about lifestyle stories?
    You are work is dope, you can try them out.


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