If you’ve been so keen on my blog you will realize that I rarely wear flat shoes not because of anything else but because it’s usually quite difficult walking in them for me; my walking style gets weird with flat shoes like seriously. Somehow if you watch me keenly you’ll see me struggling a bit. Of course I ain’t saying this to brag on my prowess in walking with heels; its the naked truth. I’ve got used to walking with heels too much.But then lately I’ve really tried to embrace flat shoes and learn how to walk best in them for one reason these pair of cute flat shoes are too dope. I couldn’t leave the shoe boutique without them.

I bought two pairs of different design, of which I can’t wait to share with you the other super super cute design here with you here.

So this past Friday I woke up early and excited to go to an interview, which I’ll reveal soon in my next article. It was chilly that morning. As I wondered about what to wear, my eyes met this fanny. Lol clothes have a way of resurrecting. So I bought this beautiful woolen cardigan like 3 years ago; i can’t remember where. I can almost count the number of times I wore it before throwing it in my lost clothes part of my wardrobe never to be worn again until last Friday.

Fridays are for casual wear. I jumped into my high-waist trouser, wore my black vest top, threw on top my cardigan, matched it with cream-white flat shoes then added some choker and beaded necklace to crown the outfit.


Photography by Raf
Vest Top – My wardrobe
High waist Trouser and Fanny – My wardrobe
Dope Flat shoes – call +254706896592

What are your views on my outfit??? drop them in the link below.

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  1. It’s like you grow younger everyday… Is it me alone who is seeing this. You looking like a sweet sixteen


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