It wasn’t easy. It took sacrifice to go from this all showing protruding belly – mostly abdomen- to this flat stomach within 6 weeks.

I had let gone of myself for like 2 months eating everything I met on my way without giving it a second thought. Based on my schedule off-late, it got pretty much hard to do my gym sessions in the evening. I would come back home half dead wanting nothing much other than to lay my exhausted body down immediately after supper. My abdomen started protruding with the pass of each and everyday. It pretty much annoyed me and made me wear baggy clothes and fannies more in a bid to hide it.

I remember 3 months ago I shared photos of my favorite jumpsuit with you (click here to see) and Damn! did people fill my inboxes with all sorts of speculations about my protruding belly then. It made me realize that when you are a blogger, your body isn’t your business alone…the community around me is also minding about it.

Because of my strained time I couldn’t go to the gym. I had to come up with a way of getting rid of the tummy faster and easily. At first I didn’t know if it was going to work, but then Within 6 weeks I have seen tremendous change that left me in owe.
So what did I do to achieve a flat belly within 6 weeks apart from taking the Homemade Belly Fat-Burning Drinks?

1. I did away with my heavy breakfasts – I reclined to taking water or one of the fat burning juices immediately I woke up.
I would wait until midday then take a jar of fresh juice preferably made of beetroots, watermelons, mangoes, pawpaws, bananas and Avocados. It’s heavy thus leaves left me so full.
3. For my lunch I did reduce carbohydrates and starch portion on my plate. Instead I did more of green vegetables & proteins.
4. I decided to walk more and put my car aside.
5. I avoided food that makes me bloat all the time. e.g boiled eggs, beans etc.
6. Eating small portions of food and doing some snacking in between really helped not only in cutting weight but also in reducing bloating
7. I cut down on fast foods completely.
8. I added traditional meals more on my home menu e,g sweet potatoes, arrow roots, traditional veges, mushrooms etc. so as to give me more strength since I did away with my heavy breakfast.
9. I set aside one day a week to fast from food and take only heavy cocktail juice, to give my body system time to breathe & rejuvenate.
10. Lastly I also did away with my dinner and opted for a ball of fresh fruits or a glass of fresh juice/smoothie.

I do have one real meal in a day; that’s my lunch. I also can’t go without 2 cups of coffee a day and so my evenings are for coffees.

I did loose weight with my new eating habit but it was worth it; it got me a flat tummy.

Until I’m able to go to the gym again, this method is working pretty well.

How about you try it: if you have tried all the other means that have not worked. But hey! don’t starve yourself. Some snacking in between preferably fruits will pretty much be of help.

Photography by me.
P.s. No makeup day



    • Hello Monica, I was super hungry the first days. I almost gave up but I chose to focus on the ultimate goal which kept me going. Now I’m easy and so used to it.
      Overcome your fear by trying it’ll pull through

    • Hello Judy, I don’t have a well written menu down. Not all lunches find me in the house and so I order or cook what I wanna eat that time as long it isn’t fast foods. The key thing is to have more greens/veges in your plate followed by proteins then a small portion for cabs. For me meat is a must have in all lunches haha.

  1. For breakfast, heavy fruit juice issa an awesome idea. Very workable. Problem is I don’t wanna loose weight because I’m tiny. What should I do?

    • You have to be willing to loose a kilo to do away with the tummy. Otherwise it might take you quite a long time. cut down on carbohydrates and gym 3-4 days a week.

  2. I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are without makeup as I was reading your well written article. Kudos

  3. Thanks gal for the workable method that you have shared above. This off the topic but how do you take photos yourself? I have seen photography by you, I doubt its a mirror selfie.

  4. Wale watajaribu, na wajaribu watuambie. I don’t wanna be found dead out of starving myself to get a flat tummy lol.
    no offense meant, it’s just that I don’t well with hunger. Kizunguzungu mingi hehe

    • LOL you’ve made my evening. kizunguzungu comes as a result of poor eating habit. You need to eat and eat well gal. a balanced diet food. For now forget about loosing that tummy and eat hehe

  5. Haha are you talking about me, coz I was among the first people who noticed the belly and inboxed you. Lol your body is our business tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Looking fly now. That sacrifice was worth it. Now I can’t complain.

  6. I’m I the only one seeing stomach abs in the top most picture or I’m seeing my things?
    Your tummy is kinda divided into three vertically

  7. Wow I’m in love with your eyebrows #fullbrows. You don’t need to trim them nor use eyebrow fillers. Zangu ni za wasiwasi, you can barely see them


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