Good morning lovelies.
I’m so excited this morning as I press the keyboard keys in a bid to share with you these joyful news.
My phone kept buzzing with numerous texts in the morning. I told myself if I start going through all the texts that I’m receiving on my phone, then I will run late for my errands. But then a phone call came through from my friend S who sounded super excited, telling me that our blog has been featured on Peoples Daily Newspaper.

It all started with an inbox message on my FB page three weeks ago saying that He likes my work and would love to present it to the editorial team for a possible feature on peoples daily Newspaper. I was like ‘go ahead I will be more than happy to be featured on People Daily newspaper’. We exchanged emails, scheduled a meeting and after a few minutes chat, here we are on peoples daily. I had mentioned about the interview here when I shared what I wore that day.


Growing a brand, isn’t easy; with patience & consistence it grows. Not in a neck breaking speed that I would have loved for it to grow but with each and every steady step I take I’m always grateful.
Many Thanks to all of you who spare their time to read my articles, like them, share and even go an extra mile of commenting. Your support is always much appreciated.

To read the full interview/feature click here or People Daily

Many thanks again to Barry Silah and the entire People Daily Team.

God bless you.

Have a great Tuesday.



  1. Aunt chichi 😍😍😍This is the point you say “mama I made it” congratulations my dear. We love you and we will always support you..


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