We all struggle with thin less hair at some point in our lives. We always want the thick hair, a lot of it with high volume. Reasons being; it looks good, it can easily be styled well, it gives your face a nice cute central position, it makes you look fabulous and so on. But how do you Strengthen, Thicken & Add Volume To Your Hair?

Whereas to some they were naturally born with thin less hair, others were born with thick high volume hair but because of some products and careless handling of the hair it grew thinner and lesser pushing some to shave it off.

Two years ago I was struggling with thin less hair after dying my hair blonde with some brand product that didn’t sit well with it. and then came the nasty saloonist who while undoing my hair, she cut it on one side accidentally out of poor concentration as she was busy gossiping with her friend. It made me super mad. I wanted to shave it off completely so that it can grow uniformly again. Thanks to my sister who advised me no to shave it. From then I embarked on a journey to make it grow again, strengthen and thicken it to high volume. I’m proud today to say that it has really thickened, grown healthy & strong with high volume by employing the below workable hair tips.

If you have thin hair, you can make it have high volume with my below Hair Routine tips.

So, here is how To Strengthen, Thicken & Add Volume To Your Hair.

1. Alternate between Leave in and dryer treatment. I personally treat my hair after every every two weeks, alternating between leave-in and dryer treatment. This really helps strengthen your hair especially the Dryer treatment.

2. For thin less hair, wash with a volumizing Shampoo. Trust me it works magic, like instantly. I use it all the time. When you wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo even after blow-drying it fully, it will still have high volume.

3. I use anti-dandruff scalp oil – Too much scalp scratching damages your hair strands, causing it to break a lot. You don’t want that. Buy a relieving anti-dandruff scalp oil. There are many in the market. I use radiant anti-dandruff hair cream.

4. I Avoid blow dry, instead I opt for dryer. This is because blow dry weakens your hair overtime.

5. I apply hair strengthening and thickening hair cream. You might not see the effect instantly but with time you will see the deference.

6. Always tell your saloonist not to plate your baby hairs. Growth of baby hairs signifies growth of hair. I have many many baby hairs because I never plate baby hairs. It also keeps your hairline beautiful.

7. I avoid plating my hair all the time. Give your hair a break of a month every time you undo it. This is to allow your hairline and hair to grow and rejuvenate.

8. I don’t comb my hair when it is wet especially if I haven’t applied a conditioner. Your hair is at it’s weakest point when it is wet. That is why when your comb it, a chunk of hair remains on your comb. Keep off it.


9. I avoid holding my hair too tightly. It damages your hair by causing hair breakage and loss of hairline. holding it loose enough makes it have high volume.

10. I avoid detangling my hair with a brush, instead I go for a wide toothed hair comb.It is easy to detangle with a brush but it breaks the hair far much more than using a comb.

11. Finally I avoid hair dyes and relaxers that are harsh and harmful to my hair. They strip your hair of every good nutrients necessary for hair growth, strengthening and thickening.

You want good healthy hair that is thick, strong with high volume? Take good care of it with the above tips.

What are other ways that Strengthen, Thicken & Add Volume To your hair that you have employed and seen it work?
Drop them in the comment box below.

Have a healthy hair life,



  1. Your hair looks great. I’m struggling with less hair that’s breaking alot. I was advised by a friend to use natural avocado mixed with eggs treatment. I’m scared of the stinking smell. How effective is it? Have you ever used it?

  2. I like how your blog has grown within a year. It has become more entertaining, educative and informative. Go gal. I’m really happy for you


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