Are you always wondering if your partner is serious with you or not?
It hurts so much when you have invested all of yourself to somebody, only to realise that to them its just a game. He/She Is just having fun or passing time with you.
With many people scared to commit nowadays, how do you know that your partner is as serious as you are in a relationship, to avoid wasting time and investing your love in the wrong person?

Apparently I have never dated somebody just for fun or to pass time. All the men I have dated which are only 3; are men that I seriously looked forward to spending my lifetime with. Normally a relationship that I don’t know where its headed to, makes me bored too quickly. Maybe it’s because I love wholeheartedly holding nothing back, thus the fear of investing my emotions to a passing wind.

There are those red flags & committed signs that I’m very quick to notice in a relationship on the very first few weeks.
Putting the red flags aside for the next article; let me share with you the 12 signs indicating that your partner is committed to the relationship.

1. You are their first priority. You can clearly see this by his/her actions in response to your situations/circumstances surrounding you.

2. He/She always talks of ‘us/we’, and not ‘me’ all the time. Meaning you’re part & parcel of your partners’ life.

3. He/She goes off their way to please you or put a smile on your face. This is a sign that he/she can do anything for you.

4. He/She loves spending time with you and its never boring. You are always happy spending time together.

5. You are the first thing in his/her mind in the morning and at night when going to bed.

6. She/He talks of a future with you in it.

7. Your partner has introduced you to his/her family and close friends.

8. Both of you are totally transparent with each other. No lies, no secrets. You have each others passwords and pin numbers.

9. You have a key to his/her apartment. You rarely get a key if he/she ain’t serious with you. Think of it, how many people have your apartment keys?? This is usually a great sign.

10. You are the first person to share with good/bad news. Nothing happens in/to his/her life that you know not.

11. He/She makes you part of His/her important decisions.

12. Finally, you are both making plans for a future together.

If you seeing none of the above,that’s a red flag, Flee for your life. If you have seen more than 8 of the above signs; have a happy lifetime love together.

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