Relationships require a lot of work for it to thrive. Starting from Compromising, Actively Forgiving, Understanding, Sacrificing, Learning/getting to know your partner, Listening, Committing etc. It’s Like a full time job with no off days nor weekends. In some of the challenges we go through in a relationship sometimes we ask; our friends, elderly couple, our elders, our parents or even spiritual authorities for advises. But overtime with relationship topics allover online, millions of people have turned to Google for answers.

“Have you asked Google?” “Have you searched in Google?” “What does google say?” are the common phrases you will hear from people around us when you tend not to know somethings. Basically Google has become everybody’s best friend for quick answers.

Last year 2017, Google released 10 Most Searched Relationship Questions by millions of people. I was going through some most searched relationship topics in 2018 so as to write about them, only to find some questions for 2017 repeated.
Below are the 10 Most Searched Relationship Questions. Have you asked them already?

10. What does a healthy relationship look like?
9. How do you know your relationship is over?
8. How to get out of a toxic relationship?
7. How to get over a relationship?
6. What is an open relationship?
5. How to save your relationship?
4. What is a Polly Relationship?
3. How to build Trust in a relationship?
2. How to change your relationship status on Facebook?
1. How to make a long distance work?

They are not obvious, they are deep questions. Chances are at one point of your life you have asked yourself/somebody or you haven’t yet.

With millions asking these questions, I see a need to respond to these questions so as to help a sis/bro. I wanted to respond to each and every question here in this article, but I realized the article will be too long to read. I’m trying to keep my articles as short as possible. And so from tomorrow I will respond to each question in its own article with a maximum of 400 words.

You need answers? Stay tuned here.



  1. Great article, I’m already asking myself the questions above 😅. I can’t wait to read your response

  2. What the hell is an open relationship? There’s nothing like that.. Those people should just say that they have friends with benefits. Period.


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