Get off that boring, dull and depressing hairstyle that you’ve been with it/repeating it for a pretty long time. It’s time for some awesome trendy Hairstyle for a fresh new vibrant look. Don’t you love looking fresh, all new and Fabulous in that when you walk down the streets heads turn just to admire and compliment your hair?

Well if you haven’t read 9 Good reasons/signs screaming it’s time to change your hairstyle, click here.

Last week on Tuesday, I got a DM from a lady telling me that her hair is in a mess, she doesn’t know what to do with it. She was pretty comfortable with it until her work colleagues started picking on her. They telling her ‘you need to do something to your hair.’ and so she asked me to share with her some tips, or some hairstyles that will go well with her face. She sent me a photo of herself of which I’m not gone share it here for her privacy sake.

I thought to myself, there are pretty many ladies struggling with keeping their hair on fleek. They just don’t know what to do with it. And so I decided to share with you all on Hairstyles tips for a whole fresh new look. Some photos are different hairstyles that I love & tried and some are what fascinate me online.

If you still have the hairstyle that’s in your old pics, you need a fresh new look.

Here are the tips for a hair makeover and styles to go for:

1. Apply a different hair color. Hair colors are beautiful. Choose one that goes well with your skin color. If you don’t wanna dye your hair, go for colored wigs, weaves or braids.
2. Invest in unique wigs. Whether you have plated your hair or you have your natural hair, after some weeks it normally needs some retouch. In such days its easier to wear a beautiful wig and achieve a fresh new look.
3. How about you straw-set, curl your hair or put up some temporary dreadlocks.
4. Change your haircut.
5. Get a long braid wig. They always look natural as though you have braided your own hair.
6. Try out stylish conrows.
7. Go for curly weave. They have a way of bringing out a young vibrant look.
9. Try short bob weaves/wigs
10. Style your hair whether relaxed or natural into different styles.

Below are most of the hairstyles I’ve tried overtime that I deeply loved.

styled my hair into a bob like wig
my favorite braided wig
stylish conrows
stylish conrows
beehive style
natural-like wig
human hair weave
curly human hair wig
braid wig
Afro curly wig
colored human hair wig
soft dreadlocks
let it loose
synthetic wig

synthetic wig
dyed hair
synthetic lace wig



styled it into a short hair
curly blonde wig

and many more.

Go get your fresh new look. They are a bunch of hairstyles that you can try out on Pinterest and other hair blogs, check them out and see what suits you.



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