I had seen it so many times at my friends boutique who had been cursing on it because it had stayed on the hanger for far too long. Every time I walked into her boutique and saw the wide legged pants that was already so dusty, I was like ‘it hasn’t gone yet?’. She be like, ‘Yeah, I regret buying it. I don’t really know what to do with it.’ “Can I try it.” “No, It’s too big for you.” Disappointed I’m like ‘yeah yeah it looks so.’

But then 2 months ago, I visited her boutique, then she left me in her boutique as she rushed to run some quick errands. As I was busy checking the clothes out I glanced at the wide-legged pants, and realized how cute it was especially the color. The color though bright, it is solid, so composed and cool. For a minute my mind went on dream on how to style it. I saw myself styling it with a white one-shouldered top, red top, yellow top, pink top and all the mule colors. and I was like ‘this pants can go with absolutely any color.’ Right there then I knew I got try it. I told myself if it doesn’t fit then I will adjust it. And ‘Voi la’ did it fit perfectly well. The rest Is history.

Yesterday I had a meeting, as I was picking a skirt from my wardrobe, I saw the pants next to the skirt and immediately I changed my mind on what to wear. I grabbed my sleeveless long time red top, covered it with my cream coat that has the cutest buttons ever then stepped into my newest cream babes #shoes to complete the look.

Location: Kivi Mlimani
Photography – One of the Waiters
wide legged Pants – Cute Casual
Coat and Top – My Wardrobe
Shoes – My Wardrobe

I can’t wait to play with it some more with different top designs & colors and share with you.

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  1. Lol the story is so interesting.. How in the world didn’t she see your hips and your all endowed butt😂😂😂??
    Anyways you looking official but sexy boss Babe.

  2. LMAO Johnson ushasema. I’ve seen her walking in town n’ I attest to that. She is blessed with a beautiful sitting apparatus 🤣. Where is the back photo?

  3. U look good in those pants babe. Wish the pics were bigger though and you look too far away from the camera. If I were taking those pics id get up close and personal. 😉 x x x


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