They are strong bold women who are ruling the stardom world with their acute sense of Style that is out of this world and endearing careers. From red carpets to street style, they killing it  like crazy. Whether they are wearing gowns, trousers, suits, shorts, skirts or even swimsuits, they make style looks as easy as engulfing a spoon of ice cream.

Per each and every international event that happens I always go online to check what they wore. They just never disappoint. They are always on point. They inspire me fashionwise.

        1. 1. Bella Hadid – What can I say about this world class model!! Whether she wearing a skirt/trouser suit, a simple dress, or shorts, she is always on fleek around the clock. Here are some of my favorite styles of her.

        1. 2. Michele Obama – The former 1st lady of America has a very keen sense of style. I bet no America’s first lady was as stylish as her. Her style demands respect.

3. Hailey Baldwin – She young and insanely stylish. I love her whole wardrobe. Thumbs up to her stylist

    1. 4. Gabrielle Union – Aww don’t I just love this beautiful actress. Her movies are always the best. to top it all her style is always on point, cute and cheeky

          1. 5.  Zendaya – Her style screams out ‘Young and Beautiful’. I love all her pretty little dresses and skirts, they are adorable.

Who are your fashion icons? Drop their names in the link below.



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