Are you heartbroken  or surviving a heartbreak?

You know that feeling pretty well, where you felt so dead inside. You can hear your heart beating faintly as though it’s about to completely shutdown. You limbs have grown faint, you barely have the strength to lift your arm up. You’ve lost your appetite and your favorite meals taste yurkish’. What you wanna do is just sleep your life away, hoping to wake up from this awful dream called reality. You don’t wanna see nobody nor talk to anybody. The worst part is that you just can’t seem to shake him/her off your mind.

You tormenting yourself with questions every minute; I’m I to blame for the breakup? What if I controlled myself or acted differently? what if I never ended things? What if I was a little bit patient?, she/he might be still here…and you go on and on and on. days, weeks, months pass but you still nursing a heartbreak. Sometimes you feel like you are getting over it, but then he/she calls to check up on you. At the end of the call it’s like your wound is opened up fresh again.

I have been there. I know that awful sickening feeling pretty well. It doesn’t go away within a week or two but you can fasten the healing process with the below quick ways to get over a heartbreak and move on with your life. Don’t be like me. It took me close to a year for me to finally heal and move on with my life even though I was the one who ended things. I wish I knew better then..But hey no regrets just lessons.

1. Cut all communication completely. From phone calls, to text messages, unto all social media accounts. Simply un-follow your Ex.

2. Direct your energy to your work/business & your hobbies. Remember the best revenge is massive success & happiness.

3. Accept she/he is gone & never coming back. Acceptance will do you far more good than living in denial.

4. Keep away from sexual relationships until your heart has fully healed. I’ve head people saying that having more sex with other people after heartbreak will help one forget the EX. But the reality is, it never does you any good than more harm. It’s like drinking alcohol to get rid of stress. The truth is you are postponing the situation.

5. Be brutally honest with yourself on the reasons why you broke up. The truth might be the break was for the best. Just because you love him/her doesn’t mean that you are compatible or have a future together. Know your worth.

6. Don’t seclude yourself from people. Surround yourself with friends and family who snap you out of the lonely heartbroken feeling. Be with friends who make you laugh and smile all the time.

7. Get back out there but this time round with clear knowledge of what kind of a person you wanna date.



  1. Wow this is awesome. I personally hsve a tendancy of holding on for too long. This article is really helpful. Thanks gal

  2. The truth is if it doesn’t hurt you then you were never really in love… But I get your point, not to waste your precious years agonising over somebody who’s never coming back


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