Most people dread talking about sex with their partners for fear ???? of hurting their feelings, mis-communicating the right thing, being misunderstood or even making things all mechanical after sharing their interests. And so you hang in there pretending everything is okay, yet things aren’t okay. You be telling yourself ‘maybe with time he/she will learn how to touch me right, kiss me right, my favorite positions, my sexual likes & dislikes etc. which never happens.

O yes, you love your partner but the thought of being condemned to a non-satisfying sex for a lifetime is freaking crazy ????. So do you look for satisfaction somewhere else or in some other ways?? Absolutely NOT.

The key is to communicate with your partner but in the right way possible. Sometimes it might be through tender caring actions n sometimes is what’s dreaded most ‘having detailed sex Talks’.

I mean for me if how you touching, kissing and doing it doesn’t excite me, I’mma be honest with you. I say it and show you how I love it right straight forward. Damn! You just can’t pretend for the rest of your life that you like it and yet you are so unsatisfied startling from foreplay.

So how do we communicate our sexual likes & dislikes without hurting our partner’s feelings or die of awkwardness.

1. Use of gentle caring actions when you’re at it. Instead of shouting or getting angry ???? or turned off, gently hold his/her hand n direct your partner’s hand on how do it to your liking while showering him/her with kisses.

2. Talk softly to your partner about how you like it or inquire about what he/she like while making love. Note: soft, smooth n low toned (almost a whisper) voice lest you turn him/her off.

3. Kick-start the talk with commending what he/she does right when making love, then inquire about his/her sexual likes & dislikes. After your partner shares his/her interest then share yours while smiling and teasing your partner. That way it will be fun and communicable. Don’t go frowning expecting to pass a message.

4. Avoid using the word ‘don’t’ ‘I don’t like’ or ‘you don’t’ in your talks. Rather use words like ‘I would like’ and ‘let’s try’.

5. Make suggestions rather than complaints… As you share your sexual likes & dislikes to your partner suggest what/how you would like it e.g. Can we do /I would like us to do more of foreplay. ..

6. Explore each others bodies with sensual exercises/touches when playing around in the house or at dates. Learn your partners body as much as you can. When touch her/him at a certain places then He/She giggles or smile know that you are doing it right.. But when he/she makes awkward facial expression or noise you doing it all wrong. The more you do sensual exercises the more your learn your partner and this will by far improve your Sex life.

7. Be sensitive. Especially sensitive to your partners feelings, facial expressions and body movements. Know the touches that makes your partner feel more self-unconscious when making love especially when there’s body insecurities issues involved.

8. Don’t bring the issue right after sex. Talk about it the morning after when you are kissing or cuddling.

What are other ways of communicating your Sexual likes & Dislikes to your partner Without feeling awkward or hurting their feelings??
Drop them in the comment box below.

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  1. Wow this is the topic I can’t easily bring myself to discuss with my partner but with the above tips I will definitely try

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