Hello Lovelies,
I’ve been silent for quite some time, but hey I’m back.
How have you been? 🤔

Hope you all are doing great. Its Monday again, the day we ditch all our casual cheeky wears and try to look as official as our work demands. And I thought why not share with you this cute official dress to kick-start the week.

It’s simplicity and the blue lace is what really attracted me to it.

I’m always into very fitting dresses but with this one I like how loosely it hugs me. It makes the look more formal.
I bought the dress from cute casuals boutique.

Dress – cute casual boutique
Shoes – my wardrobe
Jewellery – my wardrobe
Photography by a friend

Blessed week ahead.


  1. Yes you look classy in this dress and heels babe, you look so stylish. You hair looks sexy tied up like that too. 😉 Hope your week goes well. x x x x