Hello there!
I got so many questions from different people in my inbox wanting to know how I exactly started blogging.

Today I woke up in the morning to find a similar question in my DM and I was like, let me write about it once and for all to help a sister or a brother out there, especially those who wanna get into the blogging world.

So How Did I Start Blogging?
I loved writing since I was young. I remember at a very young age telling my mama, that when I grew up I would write a novel about my life and that of my entire family in a fictional kind away yet true story. And at some point in my life, compositions and ‘Inshas’ seemed to be my favorite subjects in school before Mathematics took over, more so because I got to be creative and pour out my naked mind on the paper.

It went without a say, I was If not the best, one of the best writers in both my High School and primary school. By the time I got to University I really wanted to join ‘Third Eye'(A Moi University newspaper) but other things took over my passion. So yeah my love to share with the world my life and my thoughts started at a very young age.

When I thought of writing, by the time I was done with campus, having a website or a blog had not crossed my mind leave alone which niche to specialize in. I just knew someway somehow I would find a way of pouring my mind out there. I knew that I loved fashion & style, I loved dressing for the occasion, and enjoyed putting some pieces of clothes together to come up with a nice outfit. I could get a very cheap cloth and style it to look like a hundreds dollar outfit. But how to share it with the world, I had not fathomed. I was only thinking of newspapers & magazines.

One day my friend came up with this idea of me starting a fashion blog just to share my daily outfits with the world since she loved my outfits. I had no idea what a fashion blog looked like. She showed me some famous fashion blogs then and I was like yeah I love the online fashion diary. Right there and then I knew that was the missing link in my desire to share with the world my thoughts in all life’s dimensions starting with a fashion journal.

Since then, I’ve never looked back. My passion for fashion and writing was revived. It became a hobby that I never tire from nor feel coaxed to do. It just flows naturally.

Why did I start Blogging?
To share with the rest of the world the beautiful pieces of my life in all dimensions. From personal style to beauty, lifestyle, event, relationships, places to go, career, finance etc.

Do I Make Monetary Value From it?
Yes I do. At first it was just an ordinary online journal and to say the truth I had not thought of making any monetary value from it. But with time boutiques and companies reached out to me for online marketing on my blog, offering a pay, that’s when I realized I could make money from it. What can I say, ‘So far So good.’ I now see it as an online business, which I’m exploring all right ways to make money from it.

How Do You Start A Blog?
Step by step ways I employed to kick-start my blog on my next article tomorrow.

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