Some time back, I knew nothing about blogging nor nor how to start a blog.  The setup bit of it was a bit tricky for me. I approached more than 5 website designers, who pretended to know how to create a blog only for them to create a commercial website that I had no back-end access to. And so I ended up loosing money to some of these website designers which really pissed my heart off.

I decided to start a free WordPress blog (the URL looks like Pretty ugly right!!  One day I woke up to find my blog not online, only for it to be back online after a day. This made me realize that I didn’t have enough power over my free blog and to top it all, the host can delete my blog anytime they fill like.

I went back to the drawing board, trying to look for good website designers who really know what a blog is and how to perfectly create it. Lucky enough, I found one who created this blog. To start a blog I suggest you buy your own domain, don’t go for free sites.

Looking back, I wish I had the info I know today about blogs and easy way of starting & setting them up online with or without the help of a website designer. Lucky you! at least you can learn from my mistake.

So what are the easy steps to follow to start a blog? #asuccesfulone . Below are the steps to follow.

How To Start A Blog
1. Decide on What to blog about.
What will your blog be about? Is it about Lifestyle, career and finance, fashion, beauty, Travel, Parenting etc. Make sure you are well informed with the niche of your choice.

2. Pick your blog name.
What name do you wanna give your blog? You can give it your name like me or you can give it a name that describes what your blog is all about.

3. Register your domain name.
You can do that online or through the hosting company.

4. Find a good web hosting service for your blog.
Go for a company/person that you can interact with whenever there are issues, a web hosting service that won’t go offline randomly, and a web-hosting service which is pocket friendly. There are some that are online and they are those that are owned by an individual or company. Do your research well before you can trust any.

5.Choose and customize a design. Compare with many blogs out there and decide which design impress you then customize it to your own liking.

6. Set up all your social media accounts and link them to your blog.
Social media will really help to put your blog out there, increase your readers and make your blog known. Thus is good to link it up before you start posting anything.

7. Write & publish your first post.
Do A wide research about your post title before you write it. After writing & publishing it, make sure you share your post across all social media accounts and groups.

8. Monetize your blog- You can choose google Adsense, peer-fly or any other good ads out there.

That’s all you need to start a blog and not just a blog but a successful one.

Let me know if you find this article helpful in the comment box below.

Love you Lovelies.




  1. Oh hun, I also didn’t have it easy when I was starting out since I hadn’t done proper research about the whole thing. But I’m glad you’ve summarized the steps for newbies. But importantly, promotion is important for any blog.


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