As my tummy grows bigger, this word is becoming my favorite tune ‘COMFORT’. I don’t wanna dress in some pants which will leave me opening up the belly button for some breath or holding out the waist band throughout the day in a bid to avoid the discomfort caused by the tight waist band on my abdomen #lowertummy of which I have experienced in the past few weeks.

Now I know better. From skirts, to trousers, to tops and dresses I go for the ones that are loose, and comfortable. When it comes to shoes, if I have to do heels then a wedged heel is my go to shoe, otherwise any other shoe I’m keeping it flat.

Having a pregnancy bump has its own share of stress,especially when it comes to bringing together an outfit that won’t make you look too slacky & slobby but fabulous and cute in a baby bump . As my baby bump grows I’m learning to dress ‘cutely’ this unfamiliar temporary body, because what I hate most is too look like a slob in the name of pregnancy.

I understand how difficult it’s to coordinate an outfit which is cute and fabulous with a baby bump, so I will be sharing with you pregnancy outfit tips throughout my pregnancy journey. The first outfit, is this fabulous Wrap Dress.

Wrap dresses are my go to dresses right now when my tummy is increasing each and every day, because I can easily adjust it as my baby bump grows. this type of dresses will take me a long while until I give birth and still be able to wear it after giving birth. It is such a convenience. Pregnancy is a temporary situation, don’t buy many clothes that you will stop wearing after giving birth. Buy something that you can still wear after giving birth to save those few coins for baby pampers and clothes. You can never go wrong with a Wrap dress, I recommend it to you 100%.

Now to crown my wrap dress into a fabulous look, I jumped into my most comfy wedge boots and threw in my favorite jewelry to compliment my wrap dress. Yaasss serving you pure fabulousity n’ sexy look when pregnant. Here is a catch; A wrap dress will if not fully, a bit hide your baby bump until nearly the last 2 months of pregnancy.

Tell you what, until now my friends are still questioning if I’m really pregnant or it’s just a ‘publicity stunt’ just because they can’t see the belly in my go to outfits.. Well we’ll know after 3 months.
Remember: Looking Good is the secret of Feeling Good, i’m keeping it locked 100% throughout this period.

It’s midnight already, allow me to call it a good night as you enjoy the rest of my photos in my fabulous wrap dress which has perfectly hidden my baby bump – though that isn’t the agenda.


Wrap Dress – Mskaela Closet
Boots – Thrifted somewhere along Moi Avenue
Jewelery – My closet
Makeup – By Me

Thanks for stopping by.

Forgive my handbag string hanging outside my wardrobe and the WIFI cable.

Do let me know your views on the outfit in the comment box below.



  1. I just love how clothes look good in your perfectly made body, you make me wanna be pregnant 😜😜 and yet mi ni mwanaume😝😝

  2. Slaying always even when pregnant.. You make me feel so bad at my styling even in my best outfit I don’t look as good as you darling


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