Long gone are the days when long skirts and maxi dresses were the only type of female wear one needed in order to look feminine. Well, these maxis are no doubt a closet must-have but isn’t it even better when one has a wide variety to choose from.

If you are not even a ‘pants’ girl, you should not miss some staple pants in your closet. They are essential in ensuring you look sassy especially for colder days ahead when you have to ditch skirts and dresses. And essentially, every event and time requires certain pants for utmost sass! So here they are:


  1. Denim jeans!

Denim jeans belong to the style hall of fame! Like it or not, these will always be perfect for anyone looking to build their wardrobes.

The most common type of denim jeans are the black washes, white washes and the blue washes which prove to be so versatile thus easy to pair. So even if you are the type who isn’t crazy about style, just consider getting the perfect pair of denim jeans.

  1. Office Pants

Yes, these are the most essential type of pants you will need to build your dream closet. Since we don’t have to wear only skirts to the office nowadays, spicing up office wear with perfect pants would just be as great.

Consider getting tailored pants since they are usually well fitting and designed according to your body shape. Thus, they will look great for that busy Monday morning when you step into the office. I think nothing is as exciting than actually drawing eyes at the office, right?

  1. Bold Coloured Pants

Having a pair of bold-coloured pants in your closet is what you should actually strive for. Not only should you cherish your neutral pants but also go for other colors that are popping; as long as the color compliments your skin tone and style.

  1. Cocktail pants

Are you in a party mood and don’t know what to wear? Or in a style rut yet the cocktail event is starting up soon? Then invest in a pretty pair of cocktail pants and your problems will be sorted!

These are also called VIP pants and you can obviously tell that they do exude luxury, vibrancy and sexiness. At the same time, these pants will ensure you get maximum comfort all night long!

Consider getting a terrific pair of wide leg pants that are still a hit! And since these are easy to pair, you’ll be the lady of the night in these.

  1. Neutral pants

Recall those lazy days when you still had to look great for your errands but actually not in the mood of dressing up? Then the neutral pants were actually made for such a day! The black jeans, white pants or even the navy blue pants fall in this bracket.

Quit the habit of purchasing a whole bag of pants and just get a killer neutral pant, one that you can actually switch up or down depending on the occasion.

  1. Athleisure pants

Athleisure is still a huge street style set which seems not to be moving away anytime soon. The trend is one of the best things that happened in this millennium and actually provides comfort for any wearer as much as it is easy to style the look.

When it is about going all sporty, sweats, jumpers, caps and sneakers come in at the top of the list and we love them, right? But we can always dress up the look to achieve a great street vibe. I mean, with the right athleisure pants, you can always dress up or down as the situation calls for.

With those five types of pants in your wardrobe, you can now give your denim jeans a break or else they’ll grow too old and even lose shape.

Happy Styling Ladies!

Author: Dalene Ekirapa is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger at Dalene Ekirapa-The Quintessence of Life and Style . Check out her blog.


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