I can’t believe that I’m 27 weeks already #3rdTrimester. It has been an easy and great journey indeed, and for that I’m very grateful to God.

One of the main things, I’m combating against this third Trimester is extremely dry lips and stretchmarks mostly on my thighs, tummy and butt. I hate stretchmarks, I hate dry lips and so you definitely know that I’m doing something about the whole nasty situation. Before the end of this week, I will be sharing with youΒ  about the products I’m using to get rid & prevent stretchmarks, itchiness and dry lips. So stay tuned here.

At 27 weeks pregnant, I’ve literally run out of most clothes because they ain’t fitting anymore. I just have a few countable pieces to wear, mostly stretcher tops, cardigans and dresses, for trousers there ain’t a single one fitting at all. So I’ve been out n’ about trying to shop for comfy and light dresses (Light coz I seem to be generating too much heat..even when it’s raining. I ain’t feeling any cold instead I feel too much warmth). One of the dresses that I’ve bought, is this adorable multi-prints sleeveless Maxi dress with a long V-neck & bareback, that I’m totally obsessed with.

Having in mind that these are just temporary clothes for this pregnant period only, I try as much as possibly to go for very pocket friendly clothes, camera mitumba and Ex USA Clothes being my go to typa’ clothes for now. This Maxi dress had me totally sold out because it was way too affordable.

Why Maxi Dress? Just coz they fascinate me too much.

Maxi Dress – Venus Mall, Moi Avenue – Mitumba shops (as cheap as 400 shillings) ..Yeass issah super good deal.
Photography – Camera Selfies (Life is easy)

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  1. This is what we call total pregnancy slayage, you looking too sexy momma. Don’t worry about the stretchmarks too much they are very normal.

  2. Even when dry your lips look beautiful. Your bumps look beautiful babe. You didnt show the back of the dress though!! Always show the back! πŸ˜‰ x x x


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