Carrying a life in your womb is the most amazing and beautiful feeling ever in a woman’s life. Feeling the flattering & hard kicks crowns it all and you just can’t wait to hold the bundle of joy in your arms. I swear, If I had a Life machine in my room, I would have fast-forwarded the days so as to see the pretty little angel that ha been playing and flattering me with it’s kicks daily. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying the journey.  But as weeks goes by especially nearly the end of 2nd Trimester and the whole of 3rd Trimester you realize that your body is stretching too much, from the boobs,, to your tummy, to your butt, thighs, your back and to some their upper arms. Yes, the beginning of Stretch Marks Woes.

Stretch Marks are the most annoying things to see in ones body, the dark and light stripes are pretty much ugly that’s why 95% of women in the world who are self-conscious  with their bodies always strive to get rid of them. Bad news is; the most difficult stretch marks to get rid of are the ones you get during pregnancy. So how then do you effectively remove & prevent theses ugly stretch marks?

……start applying the products early into your pregnancy

As I was doing my research on the best products to use in the market for my body, I inquired from friends who have succesfully managed to get rid of Stretch Marks and those that are still struggling to remove them after birth and they all mentioned the products they used and insisted that I start using as early as possible for them to be effective (by then I was in my second week of 2nd trimester). Below are some of the effective products they used, what I’m using now and plus products to get rid of black patches, pale skin and dry lips.

Products To Remove/Prevent Stretchmark

  • Palmers Massage Cream/Lotion for Stretch Marks – This is what I’m using now. Since I started using it my skin is not as itchy & dry as before.
  • Stretch Mark Massage oil by Pure Life Science Cosmetics – Its targets stretch marks and unwanted fat cells thus tones & evens your skin.
  • Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy – Purely hydrates and prevents Stretch Marks. It’s Expensive but highly effective.
  1. Bio Oil – It’s not over centuries for its strength to remove scars, stretch marks and black patches when used over a duration of time.

Products To Remove Black patches & Pale Skin

All the above products are great in skin evening, but the major con is that you can’t apply them on your face especially if you have a very senstive skin and if you suffer from acne. So for black patches and pale skin I definitely recommend one to use a soap or a lotion that prevents black patches and pale skin. I’m using

  • Fair & White Paris Exfoliating cream –
    It cleanses and buffs away dead & dull skin cells,
    restoring radiance, revealing brighter radiant skin.
  • and Lemon cream.

Products To Get Rid of Dry Lips

  1. Maybelline Baby lips – If you love applying lipstick then this the best option for you. It comes in variety of colors which appears like lipstick of different shades once applied to the lips. it moistens the lips all day long.
  2. Vaseline – Any time and day it’s the best product you can count on in making your lips moist and soft. You might have to reply after every 2-3 hrs per day tho.

Hope this article is helpful to you/your friend who is pregnant.

Are you pregnant or given birth recently? Which are some of the products that you are using to prevent/get rid of stretch marks, pale skin and black patches? Share with us in the comment box below.

PS: I bought my products at super duper cosmetics – greenhouse mall



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