Are you bold enough to try out unusual fun lipstick shades that are a total slayage?🤔

We are used to the normal monotonous lipstick shades that every woman can comfortably rock anywhere anyplace without feeling ish ish. But then as we say goodbye to 2018, let 2019 be the year where you let loose of yourself and be more adventurous with unusual, fun Lipstick Shades. They are a total slayage for the classy bold & fun woman out there.

For 2019, Fenty Beauty is serving us with weired but sexy lip shades to flirter our lips in their #MATTEMOISELLE new lipsticks collection that was just released 4 days ago, 26th December.

We must say that we totally love these 9 new unsual, fun Lipstick Shades #MATTEMOISELLE Fenty Beauty Collection more so because they are fit for both brown and melanin women #womenofcolor.

  1. Be Extra gorgeous with this Papaya plush-matte #MATTEMOISELLE lip shade

2. Smooth #MATTEMOISELLE fun Black Lip Shade screaming all kind of bold and sexy slayage.

3. Serve yourself per winkle fantasy in a Rose Petal #MATTEMOISELLE soft finish lip shade.

4. Look Elegant in this Unique Turquoise #MATTEMOISELLE lip shade that dropped 4 days ago.

5. Pumpkin Rose Sexy #MATTEMOISELLE lip shade to rock in 2019. We love it to the core.

6. Do you in pop blue #MATTEMOISELLE Lip shade.

7. Go totally unusually bold with this Rosy Taupe #MATTEMOISELLE lip shade.

8. Look sattle in this dull pink plush-matte #MATTEMOISELLE lip shade.

9. This is our favorite Icy grey-purplish plush-matte #MATTEMOISELLE lip shade. OMG! any day any time this is a lip shade to rock in 2019.

Which one is your favorite lip shade of the above 9 unusual, fun Lipsticks?

We have favorites but we love all of them. 2019 is gonna be Lit. We route for an all super intelligent boss babe kinda 2019 woman with a fun acute sense of beauty.

Happy New year Lovelies.


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