Happy New year Lovelies,

Hope you started this new year at a great note with much positivity, determination and the will to fulfil your short term goals before it ends.

The vision might be blurry, things might not look so well right now but as the say ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’. You just have to be willing n’ determined to fulfil them no matter what and you will see destiny paving its way towards meeting your goals.

So allow me to start the new year with a new post featuring this super sexy and comfy white dress with great details: thigh high slit With a long V-Neck.

White dress from Miss M Boutique

Makeup by Me

Photography by my friend

I’m wishing you great health, happiness, joy and prosperity in this new year 2019. May God bring the best of 2019 to you.

Let me know your thoughts about the white dress outfit in the comment box below.

Thanks for stopping by.


Blessed 2019


  1. Wow you really looking splendid in that dress. And you also looking super gorgeous with your hair, I really don’t know why you put on wigs 😅

  2. You are the true definition of beauty darling, your eyes and thighs are to die for 😋😋. Your pregnancy makes you way too beautiful

  3. Gal your beauty with your natural hair is on another level, i will bet for a fact that you are not Kenyan. I love the outfit

  4. Your beauty is something else
    lucky is the guy in your life… Akileta mchezo niko hapa Mara moja for immediate replacement

  5. That’s too much slayage while pregnant 😅😅damn I love you boo.. These standards are just too high for people like me when we get pregnant 😂

  6. You look incredible!! Love your smile in that third picture and you look so good with those heels on. Your tatas look so sexy in this dress babe. 😉 x x x


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