I’ve really grown fond of two piece Gowns/dresses over the past 1 Yr. The more I’ve grown comfortable with my body the more I’ve learnt to embrace them.

They are super comfortable and sexy, more so coz they emphasise on your waist and your hips whether pregnant or not and gives you that hourglass ⏳ kind figure.

For those who are kinda ish ish in showing off their flesh #waist, two piece gown/dresses are adjustable to any portion of waist you wanna show since they are all high-waist designed. You can cover completely your waist or leave out a bit of flesh as you so please.

I bought my two piece gown a year ago at Miss M Boutique. The design & the color is everything.

Let me know your thoughts about my two piece gown in the comment box below 👇 👇.

Have a fantastic Tuesday.

Cheers 🥂!


  1. Eeii seems like the more your baby bump grows the more your booty grows sexy. Team mafisi demanding for the behind pic of that dress 😉

  2. You look super pretty with the flower in your hair. You look so good in this dress, jeez though your badonka looks stunning. Hope it grows some more, it looks great babe. 😉 x x x


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