You want to standout in social events? You should try these 15 Glamorous eyeshadow art designs with matching hats, head scarfs and decor that will leave your jaw-dropping.

When we speak of glamorous eyeshadow art designs, this is exactly what we mean. It’s pure art. so colorful, dazzling and sophisticated. Only an expert makeup artist can pull out these looks.

Pull out one of these designs at weddings, cocktail events, clubs, social events then sit pretty and watch all the photographers and eyes crowding on you with awe and amusement.

She is perfection. She has mastered her work like fine art. She goes by the name Alinna


Glamorous Artistic Eyeshadow designs

  1. outstanding for cocktail events – when you want to be way extra Lol.

2. When you want to slay as hell in a classy event

3. She so expensively dressed down for around the hood typa event.

4. She attending a royal wedding

5. I just came to sit and look F Pretty

6. Yap this is how she attending your traditional wedding

7. Screaming all-eyes-on-me kinda look LOL

8. Sometimes she just wanna look like a drawn princess

9. when she turning up for a date looking like a beautiful sculpture

10. When she is turning up for a high fashion event

11. She taking the glow to the club

12. She doing it for the camera #simple LOL

  • 13. For her engagement party

14. For her D-day #wedding she topping the world

15. Finally when she sits on that Throne, she Queening.

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