We are just 8 days to Valentines day. Do you celebrate Valentines day? How about this time around we break the normal norms!!

With all the funny memes going around about Valentines day online leaving my ribs cracking out of of laughter, just shows how Valentines day is such a big deal of a celebration worldwide.

To love or to be loved is a great thing ❀️

Love is the strongest force on earth. If you can’t celebrate it with the person you love or people you cherish – if you are single -then your love signals are so dead 😏.. This is a special day set aside just to celebrate Love… Lets do it justice & celebrate it to the fullest; but this time around let’s do it differently. Forget about the usual dinner dates, Bang dates πŸ˜‚, mere flowers πŸ’ or gifts πŸ“¦ you can crown the day with those activities later, let’s go all in for a fabulous Valentines day. How about you try something different but fulfilling, something exciting but full of adrenaline, mmhh 😏.

Here are 11 fun things to do this valentines with your partner and friends.

1. Picnic – are you two having a day off next week on Thursday? Well a picnic at a beautiful romantic place will be super awesome. Cook at night or in the morning drive to a garden of your choice and spend the day bonding and having fun with your partner. The best part is, there are so many games to play with your partner out in the woods as the rest of the day unfolds. You can bring friends along with you too to make it more exciting & memorable.

2. Road trip – There are so much fun, moreso coz you can stop at any place for ‘nyama choma’ for some shopping, to explore a new place.. Or just buy food 🍲 carry it with you and stop at a beautiful place to enjoy yourselves.

3. A weekend gateway – Are you a busy couple? A weekend gateway in a place far away from the city where you can enjoy nature walks, waterfalls, spa sessions will be super relaxing for the two of you. With the help of Airbnb you can find classic cozy places in the world for a romantic fun fulfilling day.

4. Game night – Bearing in mind that this valentines falls on a week day #Tuesday to be price, how about you have some good indoor dinner followed with snacks as you compete against each other on your favorite fun PlayStation games.

5. Do a barbecue and invite friends/couples over – o this will be pretty much memorable. Host a valentines BBQ party either at night or daytime, play great music, dance to music, get games to play, have story time, be happy 😊 and enjoy the rest of the day/night.

6. Visit a children’s home, buy goodies and spend quality time with them. Giving back to the society especially children home is a fun way of expressing love to others. There are many activities you can do with the children – make it memorable.

7. Go For Karaoke 🎀 nights. Thursdays you can find nice restaurants or bars doing Karaokes night. Go sing your hearts out. It’s inexpensive but incredibly fun for lovebirds. Make sure you participate in singing πŸ˜‚.

8. Go horseback riding – it’s every gals fantasy to be picked by a handsome prince on a horse 🐴 πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. It’s romantic, fun, and unbelievably amazing more so iif you never done it before.

9. Plan a home cookout fun date with other couples or just for the two of you. Cookouts are meant for learning how to cook an exciting delicious meal with the help of a recipe. Enjoy each other’s company, tease & Laugh at each other mistakes as you learn to cook a new meal. Trust me it’s super fun.

🀣 🀣

10. Go for a movie date – you can either choose an indoor or outdoor movie nights with a bouquet πŸ’ of flowers πŸ’ for her. Prepare a meal together, make a list of your favorite movies and get all cozy on your Sofa as you enjoy the night away.


11. Go for a nature walk & invite other couples. Nature walks are relaxing, fun and gives you so much time to bond with your partner and friends. So why not choose a great destination, carry some snacks, and explore the place as you hug, kiss, tease, hold hands, fool & play around with each other😏.


It’s Valentines, don’t be left out. Whether you are single, dating or married, celebrate love in a stylish fun way. Make your loved ones happy.

Coz love is not only something you feel, it’s something you do☺️

Now you have alot of choices for a fun romantic Valentines. Make it worthwhile

Happy Valentines Day

Cheers πŸ₯‚ πŸ₯‚.


  1. This is awesome bae,i definitely will suggest one of the above things to my boyfriend. By the way I’m looking for a gift to my boyfriend and I still don’t have a clue, can you give me gift ideas, please.


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