Who doesn’t love baby showers?

It’s a great day where you get to celebrate your forthcoming unborn baby with close friends & family, dine together, share all sorts of stories about the process of giving birth, motherhood, share a cake and finally be showered with all sorts of gifts for the baby. It’s always a fabulous day.

So last Friday, my friend had mentioned it to me that her cousin had won a 4 pax meal voucher at art Caffè and so the following day #Saturday evening we’ll go spoil ourselves with some delicious dinner at Artcaffè but after we’ve passed through some mama’s house who sells really good baby clothes at pocket friendly prices in the afternoon. Sounded like a really fantastic plan for me, coz it was bent towards my advantage.

In my previous Instagram post I had mentioned that there will be a spree of baby bump photos on my Insta feed this last month😅, I was determined to keep my word. The lighting & the scenery of artcaffe would be perfect for another baby bump photoshoot, more so exciting since I will have friends around to color the pictures, so I imagined. I tried a few fabulous dresses that are dinner like which will fit my overly grown belly; this cream White Long dress was found to be a perfect fit for the dinner & pregnancy photoshoot thereafter. Of course before I left I took some good pictures around the compound with my make still fresh & dress still clean.

Little did I know that the whole plan was an orchestrated lie to lure me into a surprise baby shower in the name of ‘some mama’s house who sells baby clothes’. How come I didn’t figure it out? I keep wondering up to now. They had perfected their lie well.

The baby shower was fantastic ; the delicious snacks, savoury meal, drinks, beautiful decor, super yummy cake, wonderful gifts, lovely friends & family made it heavenly for me n’ my baby gal🤭. May God bless them all for this worthy doing.
Click here to see the baby shower as you enjoy the beautiful dress pics I took around my home.

Ps:the sandals were just for the compound 😂.

Again click here to watch my surprise baby shower.

Dress – Miss M Boutique
Jewelry – my wardrobe
Photography – by a friend

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  1. Awww that’s so sweet of your friends, you are truly loved. You looked amazing in the video na hiyo dress ni 👌👌

  2. Wow you look absolutely gorgeous in this dress. So glamorous and beautiful!! I just saw your videos on insta wearing the pink dress and you look so sexy walking around in that dress, i hope you will make some videos of this dress too. 😉 You are getting more beautiful babe and you look so pretty with your hair like this. x x x


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