Pregnancy can take a toll on you. Right now in my 9th month , I have seen it all I have experienced it all. It comes with all sorts of mood swings, insomania , crazy emotions, weired cravings, back pains, fatigue, sicknesses plus the many do’s & don’ts from family, friends and doctors. You’ll be told not to eat some type of foods for blah blah reasons, to take your pregcare daily, exercise, eat fruits and so much more. As much as some of these advises are good, no one really tells us the fun things to do to enjoy the journey all through.

You need some activities to snap you right back to good jovial moods all the time and some activities to relax your mind and relieve you of all the fatigue.

If you engage in these fun activities that will make you appreciate the whole pregnancy journey, then chances of falling into postnatal depression will be very minimal. Being happy, joyful and jovial in pregnancy is as vital as daily meals and water this far I’ve know that much.

So what are these 12 exciting Activities to engage in for a fun smooth pregnancy? These are activities I’ve engaged in through out my pregnancy that I’ve found to be helpful and super fun in relaxing my mind & giving me endless joy full of laughter.

1. Find indoor & outdoor games to play with your partner/friends/partner. This will re
get you all syked up, relaxed and laughy.

2. Get dancing in youry house to your favorite songs or go partying but avoid get drunk and all rowdy. Dancing will help you flex your pelvic joints, your whole body and prepare you for a great sleep later that night.

3. Go for a great picnic with your friends, family or partner. The breath of fresh air, the breeze of wind from the trees, seeing people doing all sorts of things around you will spring back into life within seconds. It will easen your mind from being clouded with too much pre & Post natal pregnancy thoughts. So plan some you a picnic.

4. Go swimming. Swimming is the perfect dose of relaxation and exercise you need. The feeling of your belly floating in the water as your baby is kicking in there is simply out of this worldπŸ˜€. Apart from that, swimming thoroughly works on your upper body, your waist and your legs leaving your body all well worked out. I enjoy my swimming days because the aftermath of three straight days of great uninterrupted sleep is amazing πŸ˜….

5. Spend quality time with your friends discussing deep issues and doing silly little things. Friends are what makes life interesting.

6. Take a nature walk or a stroll around your estate. Go with someone you are pretty comfortable with to discuss of anything about everything, someone you can take pictures with to create you pregnant memory album.

7. Get yourself some good novels or books to read. It will amaze you how relaxing & distracting a novel can be from the crazy pregnancy hormones.

8. Are there foods you’ve been craving for and you know not how to prepare them? Well this is the perfect time to experiment and try out those recipes you’ve been secretly desiring. It’s way too much fun πŸ˜….

9. You didn’t think I’mma forget this, did you? Pregnancy photoshoot is a must. I mean how else will you show your new born memories of yourself pregnant with him/her?.. So hell yah get out there and take photos of all kinds for your baby’s photo album.

10. Meditate – I never knew how important meditation is until I forced myself to try it out this past December. The results were amazing, I resoluted to doing meditation 10 minutes daily before going to sleep. Believe it from me it takes away all the negativity, toxicity that came with the day leaving your mind so fresh as you get to sleep. I will be sharing much more about meditation in my next article, so stay tuned here.

11. Talk to you baby, read great stories to it, play good music it as you enjoy it kick and flatter you with all sorts of movements that you only can feel. It’s the best feeling ever. It creates such a great connection and bond between you and your baby even before it’s born.

12. Get fun comedy movies to watch that will leave you cracking your ribs. Don’t watch movies that will leave you feeling all sad and emotional at the end of it. Remember it’s all about getting good vibes, good feelings, some happiness and laughter.

Apart from sleeping πŸ˜… the above activities have really come in handy in snapping me back to life with all sorts of joy and laughter. I’m a happy woman, and anything that adds on to my happiness I ride on, but anything else that brings toxic energy I avoid it like a plague.

Hope you start practicing the above activities right away, to make you all active, flexible, jovial and happy 😊.

I’m in my last month – I’m so prepared to push anytime from now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Mention me in your prayers for all to go well.

What are some other fun activities that you’ve done in your pregnancy period? Drop them in the comment box below πŸ‘‡.

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