‘Your life is literally over’. Screamed my friend over & over again. ‘You literally stop living for yourself & live for your baby’. She added.

Were/are you scared of motherhood?? Being a first time mommy, I am super scared.

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. Just to hear a little pretty thing calling me mommy has been my biggest if not greatest desire. When I knew I was pregnant, I was super happy, I couldn’t help but smile n’ laugh for no reason at all. Over and over again I would visualize having my baby in my arms, watching her play around, call me momma, go shopping with her, take pics with her exetra. But that didn’t stop the weired cringy feelings of becoming a mom bombarding my mind.

The more I thought of the crazy things the more I got scared. As much as I can’t wait to be a mom, truth be told I have things that scares me too about motherhood…

  1. Giving Birth – the initiation to motherhood is freaking crazy. I have been watching videos on YouTube and the story of one YouTuber called Chantelle Petite and I must say that it freaked me to the bones, labor pains has no likeness. Based on what I watched I confidently and firmly say that A woman #mum is the strongest creature in the world. There’s no one like a mother – I concur a 100%. Some of my friends keep telling me not to watch such videos but I’m like I have to know what awaits me in a few days. Crossing my fingers praying it go smooth and easy for me πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Amen.
  2. Spending sleepless Nights – This last trimester I have had many nights of insomania like crazy. I literally sleep two to three hours a night which is so minimal for a pregnant woman leaving my days so imbalanced coz I’ll be dizzy 😡 most of the times. I’ve been feeling not much useful off-late coz I tend to sleep much during the day. I really don’t wanna go through the sleepless nights again 😭😭…
  3. Losing my independence – This is the main reason my friend screams at me over and over again that my life is literally over. She is a mum. She knows how motherhood literally changes your life. She be like you’ll never go anywhere without having to worry about your child especially the first two years😱😱. Wait a minute!! First what??? The horror of hearing that literally sent chills down my spine.. I found myself screaming ‘I want my momma😒😒’. Each and every decision I make I have to make it with her in mind – gym, work, dates, meetings, travels, even a simple trip to the grocery store or ATM has to be well planned. I won’t have the luxury of jumping out of bed and making spontaneous decisions as a singular personπŸ™„πŸ™„.
  4. Lifestyle change – Yep my life is literally overturned upset down like completely. I have to reorganize everything to accommodate my baby or to suit my baby like literally. I mean this is one person who will totally be dependent on me for the rest of my life – coz even at old age we all need the love of our mothers. This is the times where you’ll literally walk out of a potential date or an important meeting and rush home once called upon. Each and every activity has to be reorganised from work to meetings to social activities. Damn I salute my momma for this.
  5. The first three months I have to completely reorganised my day, my sleep schedule, and be totally on the look out for the baby like 100%. Like she needs my full attention even when I’m all dizzy. Wah that drives me to my next scare.
  6. Questioning myself over and over again if I’mma be a good momma – what do I do when the baby cries persistently, when to know if she ok or sick, how to handle it or carry it well, how to wash her tiny body ….. What if my wells run dry of milk etc. the thoughts of all the possible occurrence and how to act in such situations got me scared as hell. I wanna be the best momma to her. Be there for her whenever she needs me.
  7. Being a full-time provider in all capacity – I don’t wanna fail her, I wanna be able to provide her with all the basic needs she might need and some more extra providence and luxury that I might have not enjoyed when young. I don’t know if it’s right but damn the pressure is so surreal. This is the time to be more focused, more committed to work, save more, explore best ways to invest etc. Its time to get all more serious when it comes to finances.

Apart from the above, I have to start thinking of baby’s health insurance, life insurance, baby clothes, baby food, baby medical kit and so much more.

Motherhood is literally stepping into a new chapter in life where everything is totally new, you literally have no idea about. It’s like you also being born into a new life you know nothing completely about it apart from the heresays online.

I thought its easy but clearly it ain’t. I salute all the mothers out there.

With all that said, I still can’t wait to be a mommy. It’s scary but I’mma face it. This little angel deserves the best. Anything for her – there’s no sacrifice I won’t do for her. Her happiness is my happiness. Yah, she’s worth everything, that I know for sure with each and every fiber in my being.

Cheers to all first time mommy’s whose motherhood journey is about to start soon. We getting into it strong πŸ’ͺ and we gonna give our best.

What are some of the fears you faced when you were pregnant about motherhood?? Drop them in the comment box below πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡.

Have a great weekend.


  1. It’s normal boo to be scared but don’t worry knowledge of new born comes automatically. When I gave birth I was scared but I pulled it through my baby is now 5 years old so you wil b just fine

  2. It will totally disorgarnise your life but you will find joy in it. Kindly refrain from watching bad delivery videos to help you relax as you prepare for delivery.

  3. Bravo Milkaela My Classrep. It turns to be interesting to be called Mum and so God will lead you through that experience successfully. Soon I will be calling you Mum. Be of Courage it is just a twinkle of an eye and you will have full joy.

  4. You will be just fine, have no fear and enjoy it. Wow you are looking so hot in this outfit darling, lying around looking so sexy and delicious, playing with your gorgeous hair! Your lips look amazing too babe. I just saw you on insta in a video wearing the white dress, wow!!! its interesting but you look really sexy pregnant, and your booty looks so darn sexy in that dress too, i hope you keep that badonk of yours it really looks good on you baby. πŸ˜‰ x x x


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