Is she special to you and you just have no clue of what kind of surprise gift to get for her as a way of expressing your love apart from the normal usual gifts?

We women loves surprise gifts, however tiny or cheap they are. They go along way in showing just how much you truly care and have us in mind. Whether they are gifts for birthday, ordinary day, to show your appreciation, national holidays, events exetra we melt over seeing our men just go an extra mile to gift us with something cute.

Isn’t handing her a cute surprise gift then slowly watch her eyes glitter with joy as they grow watery followed with a broad dazzling smile and kisses all over your face, the best feeling ever?

So which are these kind of cute unusual surprise gifts that you can get for her?

Most men find window shopping for a special surprise gift for her a bit tasking apart from the usual gifts e.g. a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates etc. that you can get effortlessly on your way home. So how about I help you out with the small cute gifts on the go that you can order from the comfort of your house/office for her.

1. A personalised love pillow – It’s a cute way to make her think of you every time she looks at it.
2. A romantic colour lipstick or any cosmetic products she loves – This will make her to totally go crazy about you. Whether it be a soap, moisturiser or a lip gloss it’s a guarantee that she will absolutely love it. It’s an unusual yet sexy gift to get for her.
3. A beautiful flower vase – its unique, it’s cute, it’s adorable. Every time she puts in a bunch of fresh flowers, she’ll smile with thankful thoughts of you.
4. Cute house/indoors warm shoes – aww isn’t this the cutest unusual gift? Make her know that her warmth in the house is key with these cute house shoes. They literally scream how deeply you think of her.
5. A sexy lingerie – it is not such unusual but make sure you get a bomb sexy lingerie that will leave her speechless. Every time she wears it, she’ll be thinking of you in all corny romantic ways 😜.
8. A romantic cologne – if you know the cologne she loves the better but if not then get one that’s has undeniably sweet sexy scent that will blow her mind.
7. A personalised bracelet/necklace – we ladies love jewelry. Flirter her wrist or neck with a bracelet/necklace that has a personalized message. It’s a nice way to say ‘I’mma take care of you and your beauty forever’.

8. A pair of stilettos /flats – does she love stilettos or flat shoes? How about you get her a nice pair of stilettos or flats. She will appreciate the effort of you trying to get the perfect size of shoe for her. Unknowingly to her just check her shoe size and go ahead in making the purchase.
9. A lady’s wallet gift – how best to embed your name in her mind whenever she opens her handbag. you can never go wrong with a cute wallet for her. It’s a simple but classy gift.
10. A customized love Plaque – Gift her with a wall plaque or desk/office plaque of any design with words that you see fit for her. Every time her minds wonders away and looks at they plaque in the office or in the house, it will remind her of you great love for her.

As L.O. Bard said, “No gift is too small to give, nor too simple to receive when it’s wrapped in thoughtfulness & tied with Love.”

Her smile is your smile, her happiness is your happiness. Go ahead and make her feel special, appreciated and loved with the above surprise gifts for her tips.

Ladies you are welcomed to comment below about the unusual kind of gifts that turns you onπŸ˜‰.

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  1. Great article sis those gifts suggestions are so good, some of them I had no idea of. I will get my man to read this


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