Hello Darlings, so many of you across all my social media accounts have asked me just how I lost 14kgs in two weeks which is pretty unusual to lose that much in two weeks moreso because I’m breastfeeding and as it’s known, breastfeeding mums tends to eat alot.
I wish I could say that I spent sleepless nights at the gym doing nothing but exercising hard day and nightπŸ˜…πŸ˜…, or I say I’m dietingπŸ™„, or I’m using a slimming tea/solution to cut it all downπŸ€”; but who the hell will do gyming with fresh tight stitches that can barely let you walk well, strained pelvic joint muscles that are yet to contract to normal size and healπŸ™„πŸ™„!!! or even diet and yet my tummy is screaming all type of hunger 24/7 Because of breastfeeding!!! And on slimming solutions there’s no way I could buy any of those whether I’m breastfeeding or not, it just ain’t my thing…
So to those who asking if it’s gyming, dieting, or it’s slim tea that has made me loose weight, the answer is a screaming 😱 HELL NO!!! Lawd, I can’t even do ordinary kegel exercises for now. I’m still healing and trying to figure out how best to reorganize my day especially now that my sleep pattern is totally disoriented leaving me dead tired during the day to even post a pic on social media, its like a lot of work to me right now. I’m able to write and do vlogs when my body seem to have the strength and my mind able to think anything outside the baby, baby, baby.
So how exactly did I lose 14ks in just two weeks?
Well, there are some instructions nurse on duty normally gives to the just delivered mums especially first time moms on how to massage your tummy everytime you are showering with hot water to help all the blood come out from the uterus and enable the uterus go back to its normal size, how to clean yourself with warm salty water to help the stitched place heal faster, how to clean the baby, how best to breastfeed the baby, how best to position the baby while sleeping, how to tie a diaper, how to clean the umbilical cord until it cuts off itself, the range of hours one is supposed to breastfeed the baby and for how long, how to check if the baby is having fever, what to do when she having fever and finally she explained why baby might cry continuously while stretching herself; what it means #stomachache #stomachstretching, what to do in such kind of situations and what baby medicines are a must have in the house.
Here’s how I lost the 14kgs in two weeks and still shading off the baby weight.
1. In all that I remember her pretty much insisting why breastfeeding a baby after every 2hrs for 20-30 minutes is very important to the mother.
a. It helps shade/lose pregnancy weight faster by burning calories.
b. It helps the uterus shrink to its pre-pregnancy size by the help of oxytocin hormone which is released during breastfeeding.
c. Helps one bond with the baby and also for the baby to know the smell of the mother
Knowing that I’ve been really breastfeeding as instructed without fail. After every two hrs if she ain’t awake, I wake her up for breastfeeding. Momma gotta shade her preg weight and lose the tummy πŸ˜‚. Breastfeeding is super working for me now like 100% 😊.
2. Avoiding all greasy fatty foods and fast foods – even before and in pregnancy I never used to eat much such food, only once in a while. So I’m still keeping the faith of keeping away from them which is pretty much helping me shade the weight right now.
3. When breastfeeding one always feels hungry like all the time. You wanna eat everything and anything all the time, It’s really tempting but I’ve limited myself to eating three meals a day of sizeable proportions, not too much not too little and snacking in between which is purely fruit ball, sweet potatoes, arrow roots, a cup of porridge or a mug of bone soup.
4. Finally I’m doing alot of kienyeji foods which are normally low in cholesterol.
That’s all I’ve done and still doing…In my mind Not pretty much right!! To be sincere I was pretty much shocked just as you in losing such much weight in no time.I told the nurse, “can you weigh me again? Is the machine right?”, He said, “it was so ok.” I had the goal in mind but I didn’t know that it would be that fast.
My normal weight is usually 63kgs. I ain’t expecting to get back to that but so far at 73kgs from 87kgs I’m like ‘Thank God’…

Here are some pics I took yesterday… You can clearly see the tremendous change which I’m so loving it. God is good πŸ™Œ.

Thanks for passing by.

Much love from my baby Eliana and me.



  1. Your labour pains were just for a few hrs and your bounce back very fast. God really loves you gal. Happy for you

  2. Mama you got it! lol. what you have done is incredible and you look perfect just as you are right now, your figure is so very beautiful to look at. I saw your video on instagram and I have watched it quite a few times now, I really delight to watch you walk around in your outfits, I could watch you for hours!! I love the colours you are wearing and those trousers look so good on you, your booty looks delicious and delightful! Watching you pose makes me erect and is very pleasurable. I would love to be your photographer for an outfit like this, although I would have to end the shoot inside the house for privacy. πŸ˜‰ Keep showing your beautiful outfits and videos my dear. Congrats again for being the sexiest mama. x x x


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