Yesterday at 2:30 am, I stumbled onto some email sent on April 19th with the subject, ‘Top 30 African Bloggers 2019 “.

Since I gave birth in March 4th I had not taken time to check my website email, because it had a few issues. They were fixed yesterday and so I purposed to go through all the emails before I sleep. There were 83 emails. Going through them I was so heartbroken because there were so many collaborations, partnerships, influencer jobs and press features I had missed 😔. That’s money and opportunities that slipped away right in my inbox, so sad. Anyway, I know more opportunities will come knocking soon.

What uplifted my spirit is reading this email of being ranked in the top 30 African Bloggers 2019. It made me super happy.

You see, blogging isn’t easy. It is so involving and takes away most of one’s time, that’s why most bloggers do it as a full time job. So when a company, a person or press takes their time to go through my blog, appreciate the effort and feature me to an extent of being ranked in Africa, it gives me so much joy.

In the blogging world, whatever kind of support you get from whomever matters a lot. To grow as a brand, I need everyone’s support.

Thanks to you my followers and fans. The more you read my blog, liking the articles, commenting and sharing my content puts me on the map by increasing awareness of my blog which further grows my brand.

Here is the link to the featured article

Thanks again for your support.

And for also sparing a minute to read this


Banners for Top 30 African Bloggers 2019



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