Lemon a natural Contraceptive

Does lemon as a natural Contraceptive work? How do you use it? Is it reliable? A man gives me their experience on using lemon juice as their natural family planning method for over 15 yrs and counting.

Birth control has been there from ancient of days. Whether forbidden or not, women have always been on the look out for a reliable Contraceptive. As years pass by and the economy becomes more horrible, the more family planning is being sort after. Even some churches that were against it, they are now embracing Contraceptives e. g. Catholic Church.

In the ancient days, our grandparents and forefathers used traditional natural methods as birth controls. Growing up I’ve never heard a single person talk about the natural Contraceptives apart from the one of counting the safe & unsafe days, at least not in my circle because they were passed with time.

This doesn’t mean that I’m against the modern Contraceptives. Nope. By all means use it if it works well with your hormones. In my case I gave up on them because they failed me in many ways, including spotting 95% days of a month. But as they say; It just depends on how your hormones react to it.

The praises the natural Contraceptives had in those eras were way much better compared to the negative effects we are hearing allover nowadays of the modern Contraceptives. Talk of migraine, constant headaches, backaches, irregular bleeding/menses (some can come for a full month nonstop, the horror of it, 😱), talk of intermenstrual bleeding, vaginal discharge, weight gain(🙄), acne 😔, decreased libido 😳, mood swings, or it failing to work. Weh the list is endless. Some women have lost a whole hand, some have died and others unable to walk well because of some modern Contraceptives #truestories.

“Oops, your window isn’t tinted, this sunlight isn’t good for my baby.” I said to him. “Actually that evening sunlight is really good for her. It isn’t too strong. Tumelea wengi.” He answered me.

That’s how the conversation started with a middle aged uber driver. I asked him, “kwani how many kids do you have?” He said 3 kids. One in form 1 #14yrs, 2nd born aged 7 yrs and the last born just a year old. I’m like you spaced them so damn well. He said while laughing , “Kabisaaa, and yet I’ve never used hizi Contraceptives za siku hizi.”

That’s when he went on telling me how years back they were advised & taught on how to use lemon as their natural Contraceptive method by a close friend in their circle in order to avoid the side effects that comes with the modern Contraceptives methods.

He said that since then up to now, he has never bothered to use condoms nor the wife bothered with counting the safe and unsafe days.

I was super startled, my eyes were about to literally come out of their sockets as I gazed at him with amusement. I mean was I hearing well or was it just a dream!! I’ve never known of this, much less a real walking flesh of somebody narrating how they have tried it and worked.

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He went on telling me how he knows a certain young woman who lost her whole hand after getting norplant and one whose face went from being adorably smooth to being covered with huge horrifying stubborn acne that has never cleared up to now. Damn this Contraceptives can be something else sometimes.

I remember August 2017, I got one inserted in my hand #implanon . Soon after, I began spotting frequently. Sometimes it will go on for more than a week. I was frustrated. Even before the second month could end, I went back to the same hospital, same doctor and told him to remove the damn thing from my hand. Only to get a shocker when he said he couldn’t find it where they had inserted it. The damn thing had moved. So he had to make a big cut to try get it. Eventually he did get it out, but I remained with a mark that will forever remind me of that horrible instance.

Back to the Lemon Contraceptive story. How does it really work? How do you use it?

Lemon juice is an effective topical spermicide, because it contains citric acid which immobilize sperm in less than 60 seconds of entering the uterus. Yap, it works that fast.

So how did our living testimony’s wife use it?

You squeeze out the juice onto a piece of cotton wool, then you get to wear it like a pad (she puts it on top of a pad) the whole day or night as she awaits to be snacked 😅 at night or morning depending with his hubby’s work shift😂. Lol so simple right?

In ancient days, they would deep cotton wool in lemon juice then insert it in the VG before some lovemaking or put a lemon cap inside to act as a sperm barrier. Hehe this tells you how much I did some digging into this traditional family method after hearing the story because I was too curious. I told myself that I won’t sleep before sharing this amusing story with you all.

Mskaela.com - lemon a natural Contraceptive

It has been 15 yrs and counting, and they are not planning to board the modern Contraceptives plane at all. Condom being included. As a matter of fact he detest the modern Contraceptives with his whole being

He went further ahead to explain how it removes dirt from the Vagina completely and kills all bacteria by cleansing the uterus totally within just a day of wearing it. The deposits of dirt on the used cotton wool most of the time she uses it was enough proof. He also said that his wife has never complained of vaginal infections at all. Amazing right?

So there you have it guyz, it really works. Lemon juice, a natural Contraceptive method really is effective.

Do you wanna try it? Well, go ahead and give it a try. I’m here to listen to your feedback.

As for me the bear thought of putting citric acid down there is horrifying. I could never bring myself to try it in a thousand years 😂.

Have you ever tried it? Which traditional/natural Contraceptive method have you tried and has worked for you? Let me know and get to educate others in the comment box below.

Thanks for passing by.



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