Fluffy locks hairstyle

Have you thought of trying Fluffy Locks?? Well, it’s time you do because they are super good for a fresh new vibrant look especially if you mix the colours.

This is my first time trying Fluffy Locks. You see, I had stayed for a whole 1 year and 2 months without plating my hair completely. I remember the last time I plaited my hair it was April last year for my cousin’s wedding. We chose a nice black and white hair braids theme that blended so well with our attires. Since then upto now I’ve been hopping between my hair and wigs.

My hair has been quite a mess since I gave birth,more so because it’s natural and I can’t go to the salon with my newborn nor sit down for long hours. Last week but one when I was preparing to take my baby to the clinic, I looked at my hair in the mirror as I was combing it in a bid to style it and I didn’t like how it looked at all. It appeared weak, may be because It had not taken a rest for a whole year. So I decided it’s time for it to take a rest.

I wanted a style that would last long for like 2 to 3 months now that my time is limited. Most of the hair stylists that I called advised me to do any type of dreadlocks because they are known to last longer. I’ve done soft dreadlocks before so this time round I decided to do Fluffy Locks. The advantage they have is; they become more good and increase in volume as time goes by unlike the soft dreadlocks.

They are normally very short, so to add to its length I chose two colors, black and maroon. Why Maroon? Because Maroon hair color has a way of bringing a vibrant fresh look full of life. So she starts plating with black locks then add maroon hair lock nearly the end of the black locks to achieve the long hair look.

Within 3 hrs, she was done plaiting my hair. Here is the final look.

Fluffy locks for a fresh new vibrant look
Fluffy locks hairstyle
Fluffy locks hairstyle
Fluffy locks hairstyle
Fluffy locks hairstyle

Do I like my new hairstyle? Let me know your opinion in the comment box below.

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  1. That last picture though…you are such a babe. πŸ˜‰ I cant wait to see more of this hair of yours. x x x x


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