Hooded one piece jacket with a stripped stylish outfit beneath

Baby’s need to be very warm always. This extremely cold weather that we’ve been experiencing off-late calls for extra warmth in order for them to not catch cold flu which doesn’t sit well with them since their immune system isn’t strong enough to fight sicknesses. So how about Some hooded one piece jacket with a stripped stylish outfit beneath!

I love playing around with pieces of clothes to achieve a great stylish outfit. Given a chance, I will gladly do it as long the effort is appreciated. So I’mma take this chance to share with you inspirational styles for babies through Baby Eliana’s Stylish closet.

For a start; let’s talk about her today’s outfit. I find stripped clothings looking fabulous on babies. Styling stripes on stripes is always difficult because they can end up looking messy but when styled with great color coordination they make a bomb trendy stylish outfit.

I like this boxed stripped short that she was gifted, she has never worn it before. Today is her very first time. I bumped into it when I was sorting out her clothes; the ones that fit from the ones that she has outgrown already. I was disappointed to find some adorable clothes that are too tiny for her to wear yet she has never worn them. So I told myself that I have to dress her in this shorts before they outgrow her since it’s too small.

I styled the shorts with a stripped one piece top, white socks and crowned it with a beautiful warm one-piece jacket. With this jacket with or without a baby shawl/blanket, she is good to go.

What’s your opinion about the outfit? Comment below.

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Photography by me

One piece top and Shorts – Gift

One piece Jacket – Gikosh (that market has good camera clothes for babies)


  1. OMG! Your daughter is so beautiful, she is as bold on camera like her momma. You are doing a great job on her hun


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