Natural remedies to heel cracked feet

Do you have hard rough & cracked feet? Do you want your feet to become soft and smooth? The below home remedies will cure your dry hard rough and cracked feet heels leaving them soft and smooth. 

Cracked, rough or hard feet heels are nasty to deal with and ugly in appearance. They down play you when it comes to selfcare. A pedicure is an easy way to get started in curing them but truth be told most of us do pedicure only when you are making your feet nails. Thus it doesn’t help as much as in curing those cracked, rough and hard feet faster. 

I hate having rough and hard feet. So I normally take good care of my feet so that they remain smooth and soft. Let’s face it; you don’t wanna hear your partner complain at night when you brush your feet against him/her as you roll over, or your friends telling you to do something with your cracked feet when you’ve gotten comfortable on the couch. Also the irritation you feel when you brush yourself against the other as you sleep, Lawd! they feel like a scrubbing brush or a bathing scrubber. It’s time to give those chapped feet attention and care they need. 

In the last two months of my pregnancy I developed really hard and chappy feet. More so because bending to reach my feet when taking a shower was quite difficult with an overgrown belly bump. On realising that, I applied my home remedies best for getting rid of rough hard chapped feet and within a week they had become smooth and soft the way I like them. 

Here are the 6 effective home remedies. 

  1. After taking shower when you’re going to bed at night, apply Vaseline and wear socks. Vaseline helps keep the moisture well locked in and also soften your heels at night. As you wash and scrub your feet heel the next morning, the chaps will be coming out so easily.
  2. Apply honey mask and wear cotton socks when going to bed. Rinse and scrub in the morning using a pumice rock. Honey helps draw fluid from the inner tissues to the outer tissues. This brings a healing effect to the chapped heels. Alternatively put 2/3 spoonful of honey in lukewarm water. Sock your feet for 15 minutes. Pat them dry. Apply a thick layer of moisturiser then wear cotton socks through the night. This helps heal & soften your heels.
  3. Apply Banana paste on your feet heels. Mash one ripe banana into a smooth paste. Apply it on your feet heels. Wait for 30 minutes then rinse it off with warm water. Banana contains vitamin A, B & C thus it will keep your heel well moisturized/hydrated.
  4. Soak your feet in warm water mixed with two spoonful of honey and Vinegar for 20 mins. Pat your feet dry and apply Vaseline. Wear cotton socks through the night. As vinegar softens your dry cracked heel for ease in exfoliation, honey will help in healing the cracks.
  5. Apply your body lotion to your feet sole every morning. We normally apply lotion on the rest of our bodies forgetting our feet sole. The lotion helps moisturise and soften your feet heel.
  6. Apply vegetable oil and wear cotton socks at night. Vegetable oil will nourish your feet heel because most of them contains vitamin A, D & E.

NB: remember to exfoliate your feet heel with a pumice rock in the morning.

Get rid of cracked feet with these home remedies
Ps: Remedy 4 & 5 above works best for me like 100%.

Which are the other natural home remedies for healing hard rough cracked feet?

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