Boots, whether knee high, mid high or just at the ankle, they are a great way of styling a short casual or semi-casual dress top. Dress tops have many great ways of styling them if you try and get a little bit creative.

With the cold season being experienced all over the country, warmth is key when dressing for this season. This short cute dress Top is super warm on the inside. The material is so heavy. It feels like wearing a a jacket.

The weather keeps on flipping during the day. It might be cold now but the next minute it’s veryhot. The weather is so unpredictable. So you wanna keep the outfit not too heavy to boil with sweat when it’s suddenly sunny.

Having that in mind, a Fluffy scarf and boots were a great way to keep me just enough warm and chic in this short dress top just in case the weather changes. A silver sling bag, crowned the outfit.

Short Dress Top With Stylish Boot Heels
Short Dress Top With Stylish Boot
Stylish boots with a dress top
Dress top Ms Kaela
Cute top dress
Styling A top dress
Dress top Ms Kaela
Semi casual dress top

Dress top – Miss M closet

Boots – Thrifted somewhere along Moi Avenue

Scarf – Thrifted at Toi Market

Silver sling bag – Sasa mall

Photography by a friend

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Sometimes back I did a stylish outfit series called 5 days of borrowing from his wardrobe. It comprised of different designs and styles of dress tops that I styled in different unique ways.

As they say you can buy fashion but you can’t buy style. Fashion says “me too” but style says, “only me”.


Tell you what, you may not be able to buy style but you can learn it and be unique in your own way. Click here to see how I styled the dress tops.

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