Newborn baby Hacks

After birth what you need most is a lot of rest. But ain’t no resting if you haven’t mastered a few genius baby hacks to help you sail through the first 14 weeks that are normally so intense.

You need time for sitz baths, you need ample rest during the day for good mental health. You need ample time for shower, you need time for washroom (because sometimes you lack the time to even pee), you need time to have your meals when they are still hot, and still you need time to do your chores. All this will run smoothly if you’ve got a strong support system of friends and family some genius Hacks.. Otherwise your mind find yourself breaking down like completely into postpartum depression.

Before I gave birth I went asking numerous questions surrounding handling a newborn from friends, family and a lot of online research so that at least I may get a few hacks right to enable me to have enough rest and have it smooth the first 6-14weeks of raising a newborn. I must say that these newborn hacks proved to be so helpful to me.

The genius newborn baby Hacks that I got from friends plus the ones I discovered along the way, are what have made my journey easy and joyful today.

Here are few newborn baby hacks that will come in handy for you:

1. Cradle cap. It’s the dry flaky like substances that looks like dandruffs. It’s caused by too much sebum produced when the baby’s head is sweating a lot especially during breastfeeding or sleeping. It can persist upto when the baby is 3 yrs old

Hack: 1hr or 30 minutes before your baby’s bath time , apply baby oil on your child scaps. Massage gently and softly until the cradle cap turns greasy. The baby oil helps soften the cradle cap for the ease of removal when washing your baby’s head. You will notice is you wash your baby’s head gently the cradle cap will come out easily without you scratching or applying too much pressure on your baby’s head. It took a few minutes to clear off the cradle cap from Eliana. If the cradle cap changes to yellow and nearly cover the whole head, seek medical attention immediately.

Cradle cap on newborn baby
Photo from what to expect blog

2. The scaly skin that most newborns are born with. We normally expect babies to come out with a smooth soft flawless skin which is not the normally the case. Babies are born with a lot if very flaky skin the whole body #mostofthem. Only babies that are born prematurely have less flaky skin. The outer skin that’s dry and flaky is called vernix which was protecting the baby throughout the 9 months floating in the amniotic fluid. So few days/weeks after birth it has to come out. So how do you remove it easily without having to scrub match?

Hack: Put a few drops of baby oil in the bathing basin/bathtub . Add warm water. Mix it. Then wash your baby. The oil +warm water softens the scaly skin enabling it to come out easily as you gently wash your baby. It took just three days to clear off the peeling skin from my Eliana’s whole body using this method. It works πŸ’―

3. Lack of sleep /power naps – if you baby isn’t a heavy sleeper like mine, then you know how exhausting it is carrying them most of the time trying to put them to sleep. Sometimes I pity her seeing how much she’s struggling to close her eyes while rubbing them just to get some sleep.

Hack: Lie down on your back and let your baby sleep on your chest for like 30 minutes before you put her down in the crib or on bed. The 30 minutes will allow the baby sink into a very deep sleep because of the warmth and safe feeling provided by your chest thus baby tends to sleep for long.

Newborn baby sleeping on the chest
Took this pic on a lazy day barely 3 weeks after giving birth

During the day, my baby takes short power naps of just 10-20 minutes maximum. I couldn’t get to do a single thing, even showering was hell of a problem especially when I was home alone on weekends. So when I tried this hack one day and it worked wonders, I’m down for it anytime I feel like she needs a long sleep.

4. Baby struggling to poop, constipation or is full of gas . It’s really annoying seeing your baby crying or struggling trying to push poop out to a point of sweating. Constipation isn’t a pleasant thing in adult. You can imagine how worse it is on a tiny baby. It’s crazy. It really exhausts them.

Hack: If your baby constipates a lot, give them 1/2 spoon of Bonisan after every 8 hrs. This helps clear out the gas and ease pooping. If your baby isn’t constipated but struggles a little bit to poop like mine, do massage your baby’s tummy in a circular motion to get rid of the gas, then hold him/her upright with legs bent towards you from the knee point. This will enable their body to assume the normal adult poop position which will make it easier for them to push poop out. For long effects use Bonisan as prescribed by the doctor.

5. Blocked itchy nose. Do you see your baby trying to rub his/her nose so hard? Well sometimes this is caused by the mucus drying out in their nose.

Hack: gently massage your baby’s apply part of the nose. You’ll see heavy mucus coming out or stuck near the nostrils. Gently remove them with a soft ear bud.

6. Baby rubbing his/her face or nose against you. This is sometimes a sign that your baby is hungry or tired and need some sleep.

Hack: breastfeed your baby. He/she should be able to sleep while breastfeeding. If not help your baby get some sleep by singing to or walking around carrying your baby.

Newborn baby Hacks
I took this pic when she was 2 months old

7. Nasal congestion. That wheezing difficult sound your baby producers whole trying to breath as they breastfeed or sleeping, isn’t fun at all. It’s distressing.

Hack: put a few drops of breast milk in your baby’s nostrils. Massage a bit. Wait some few minutes. You’ll see mucus coming out on its own thus relieving the baby of the congestion.

8. Teary eye/s producing some heavy whitish unpleasant substance. This is mostly caused by a blocked tear duct. There’s no need to panic.

Hack: when wiping your baby’s face, gently massage the inner part of the eye joining the nose bridge. Also wipe from the inner part of the eye coming outside to open up the tear duct and avoid infecting the other eye.

9. The sharp tiny nails that scratches her/his face allover sometimes to a point of bleeding when rubbing their faces. You can’t control it when your baby wanna his/her face. Most of the times the nail cutter is pretty much difficult to use. The fear of cutting your baby’s precious skin in a bid to cut their nails just paralyses you completely.

Hack: use a nail file instead to level down the tiny sharp nails that grows within a few days. Don’t go biting baby nailsπŸ˜… just coz some nurse told you it’s easier. Trust me you it’s the hardest shit ever. The nails are too tiny to have a grip of them with your big teeth. This newborn baby hack is the easiest way to deal with those sharp nails.

10. Urinating on you or pooping when changing their diaper. Isn’t this so common in newborns? Just when you think they are done pooping and you’ve already removed their diaper kumbe they are just starting Mmhh 😏. Leaving you soaked in pee or having sprinkle pastes of poop allover you πŸ˜…. It has happened to me a couple number of times. It normally leaves me laughing like ‘you got me there’.

Hack: put a new diaper below the one you removing. So that immediately you removed the used diaper your baby lands on the new diaper to avoiding the sprinkling moments. Kwanza baby boy’s πŸ˜… weh you better act fast.

Random pic at 3 months with a few days old

11. Wet burping clothes, passed pee or poop onto the clothes, drooling much problems. I don’t know why but many of these issues happens mostly when you are pretty far from home and it just happens that, that day you didn’t carry enough clothes. It’s doesn’t sit well yo walk around looking so clean when your baby is smelling poop/pee or with a wet burp cloth.

Hack: Carry a few clothes around with you. I advise 3 pairs per each and every type of cloth. 3 baby vests, 3 dress/top/pants, 3 burping clothes and 3 pairs of mittens.

I hope these few hacks comes in handy for you and make your journey easy.

Which are the things you struggling with as a mother / new mother that you need advice on? Do you have some helpful newborn baby hacks that worked for you?

Drop them in the comment box below and I will be more than glad to assist.

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Ps: all pics are randomly taken with phone.. The rawness of the pics is what makes them absolutely beautiful πŸ˜πŸ€—


  1. Thanks love for the hacks. Can you please write something about easening nasal congestion in deep . My baby boy is really struggling with this na naambiwa nisimpatie dawa yeyote. He is also down with the flu. This cold weather is so bad for newborns

  2. Aww look at baby Eliana how beautiful and big she is. She doesn’t look like a 3 months old baby at all πŸ˜… she is way bigger. What are you feeding her gal?

  3. I would like some help with reddish rashes in infants. It’s been a month now and they are not going away. Please advise me on what to do

  4. Wow thanks for these hacks Ms Kaela. My baby has been struggling with watery eyes so much hata kunfungua macho asubuhi ni shida. Nikimuosha pia the sticky stuff hazitoki kwa urahisi. I will try this and give you feedback. Thanks again

  5. Nice post swee. Keeping your blog all rounded is really beneficial to so many people πŸ‘πŸ‘


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