how to achieve a flat tummy while breatfeeding

After giving birth 3 1/2 months ago, I wasn’t sure about how long it would take for me to achieve a flat tummy again. The thought of it was impossible. But now I can happily say that I have achieved a flat tummy while breastfeeding in just 3 1/2 months after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl.

May be not too flat as I want it to be, nonetheless I’m happy with the progress so far.

Many doctors and moms will swear that, it’s almost an impossible mission trying to lose weight while breastfeeding, especially tummy fat. This is because we new moms tend to eat a lot in order to produce enough breast milk for our infants during breastfeeding. So how then can you achieve a flat tummy while breastfeeding?

I personally can’t say that I have reached my body goal yet but so far with the progress I have made, you just have to allow me to celebrate πŸŽ‰. I mean look πŸ‘‡

How to loose baby weight while breastfeeding

Still I have a long way to go though. My tummy looks blocky. That thin waist part isn’t being seen well. All because there’s some belly fat that I need to lose on my waist. And by that I mean this fatπŸ‘‡. My kikuyu sisters call it ‘karis’ πŸ˜…. LOL I wonder why. somebody should explain how they came about tha name for side belly fats.

Loose baby fat while breastfeeding

There you go. You’ve seen it? If I get rid of that and the remaining abdominal fat, It will make me extremely happy. I will have this bikini body back (click here to see the my bikini body before baby ) with some 4 packs if not six, LOL. As the saying goes, “look good, feel good.” I love looking good, so I’mma definitely achieve that soonest.

For now I wanna give you some tips on how to belly fat & achieve a flat tummy while breastfeeding.

  1. Make believe and paint that body goals picture in your head. That’s the first step to achieving a flat tummy. They say, “if you can picture it, you can achieve it.” when you can conceive it in your mind the kind of body shape you wanna achieve, then start the journey towards it immediately. Stop focusing on the damn fats on your body when you look at yourself in the mirror. Instead focus on the progress however small it is and keep reminding yourself that ‘you are getting there’.
  2. Breastfeed. Breastfeed. Again Breastfeed. Breastfeeding helps a lot than anything else to loose the belly fat way faster than you can imagine. After every 2 hrs, breastfeed your baby. This is because breastfeeding uses close to 600+ calories a day to make breast milk. That’s why you feel hungry very fast than usual when breastfeeding. The more you breastfeed the more calories are taken out from your body into making milk, thus the more you lose weight, especially belly fat. Even pumping/expressing breast milk helps you loose weight too.
  3. Eat healthy meals only. Fast foods, sugary foods and oily greasy meals won’t get you there. They will worsen your condition. You need to eat meals that doesn’t add more fats to your body. Put those delicious fast foods on hold for now. You will get back to them once you get your body back to shape. Since you are breastfeeding, go for a lot of greens, grains and bone soup. also include arrowroot and sweet potatoes in your meals.
  4. Control your food portions. Yes. I get it. the doctor, your whole village and everyone around advises you to make sure that you are eating a plate for two in each and every meal. reason; it is necessary for milk production. Sometimes you even force some extra food down your throat and keep some for later in a bid to produce milk . Tell you what, it’s not about the quantity of food that you are eating but it is more about what you are eating #quality. If you eat a plate that has more ‘kienyeji’ greens portions, be sure to produce a lot of milk to a point of soiling your pillows and clothes within a few hours. What I’m I trying to say? Don’t over eat. Have a controlled portion of your meals every day with foods necessary for milk production taking the biggest portion on your plate.
  5. No matter how exhausted you are, don’t sleep immediately after having your meals (lunch/dinner) . Stay up for like an hour or two to allow the food you’ve just eaten to be digested.
  6. Don’t dress in tight clothes that divides your stomach into several folds when you sit. tight clothes makes fats to be deposited in some area of your tummy and not evenly distributed. This becomes really hard to loose such fats later on. Wear a bit loose clothes.
  7. Take walks around your estate for an hour or two. Walking is a nice way to reduce weight. walking for more than an hour helps your body to burn stored internal belly fat thus reducing the stubborn belly fat.
  8. Do Home workouts/exercise – If you have already healed enough to start working out, definitely do it. Get some small weights at home or do workouts with what you have in the house. Pilates has really good tummy exercise to help you loose belly fat. I will share which exercises to do to loose belly fats soon.
  9. Avoid stress completely while breastfeeding. Apart from making you run dry of breast milk, it will also make you gain more weight. This is because you’ll tend to eat way a lot more to produce milk which in turn will make you gain more weight.
  10. Get a postpartum belt. tie it and stay with it for 4-5 hrs. remove it & give yourself time to breathe for like an hour. then tie it again. It works for some people in reducing the expanded uterus back to its pre-pregnancy state. I tried for two days after giving birth and gave up on it. It was pretty uncomfortable. But it has worked for many, so give it a try.
  11. Lastly take a lot of water. Water helps increase your body metabolism, suppress your appetite and also cleanses your body waste. So yes, It definitely helps cut some weight off your body. Take 2 ltrs or more per day. in this cold season, try taking warm water for extra warmth.

Alright guys, this is how my belly looks now. I took pictures in different angles to help you see the much belly fat I have lost so far. I have taken pictures with my small weights that I incorporate into my exercise #pilatesexercise.

Loose baby weight after birth
Workouts to lose belly fat after birth
how to achieve a flat tummy while breatfeeding
How to loose weight while breastfeeding
How to loose baby weight while breastfeeding

The above tips will help you lose belly & achieve a flat tummy.

If your baby has started eating already, try these 30 Best Ways to Get a Flat Stomach.

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  1. You mean it’s just 3 months after giving birth and you body already looks like thaar. Waa congrats

  2. Hi first u look amazing..two did it and split something called diastisis recti if yes kindly share what u did to close it . thx

    • Thanks dearest. No I didn’t get diastisis recti after birth… But in most cases it heals on its own over a period between 3 months – 6 months after birth

  3. Baby you have made it, you dont need to push any further, your body looks perfect. You look really sexy and i dont see any fat on u. I love these pictures, you dont know how beautiful you look. You look really hot in shorts btw. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing this hot mama. If you dont love your body yet, let me love it for you. πŸ˜‰ x x x


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