Travel essentials when flying with an infant

When travelling with an infant on flight, you ought to be extra careful with bag-packing, documentations and the whole dressing. There are travel essentials when flying with an infant that you ought to abide with.

Last weekend I went for a short gateway with my infant #babyeliana. It was my first time traveling with her on flight and boooyyy was I so afraid. One because I thought she is too young to take flights, two because of the windy cold at the airport and the extreme cold in flight, and three because of the extra packing the little one needs.

However, we travelled safely, enjoyed our stay there, explored the area, savored variety of delicacies, shopped around and came back safely.

In flight baby's safety belt

It’s a bit involving and tasking travelling with a newborn. But based on my experience, I’m here to make your plan to travel with your baby easier with these travel essentials when flying ✈ with an infant.

  1. Carry your baby’s birth certificate with you. If your baby’s birth certificate is not yet out like mines, carry the birth notification otherwise you might risk being returned or investigated. They usually need proof that the baby is yours or the baby’s parents have consented.
  2. Dress the baby extra warm. The airport waiting bay is usually cold and extra windy. Also the in-flight is normally very cold. You really don’t need your baby to get cold flu or nasal congestion. The baby needs to to be very warm. Infants can get cold super fast especially through their head, chest, hands and feet. I personally had to see some sweat coming from her in order to be comfortable that she isn’t feeling the cold that I was feeling. I dressed her in long-sleeved vest, socks, mittens and hat, followed by a tight, then the one piece fur full suite, added a dress on top, then finished with a very heavy warm coat on top. A baby showl is always mandatory to carry along.
  3. Carry an extra coat, vest, and Bib just incase your baby drools so much to a point of making the outer sweater/coat wet.
  4. Carry baby headphones. This will help against all the noise coming from the planes propeller especially when taking off and on landing. At some point I had to close her ears with my hands because she was really panicking & restless from the noise coming from the propeller.
  5. Ask for infant’s safety belt. Some flights attendants readily provides it for you before take off whereas some you have to ask to be given one. On my return flight I had to ask to be given. So make sure your baby is well secured with a safety belt.
  6. If your baby is less than two weeks have your paediatrician or doctor write for you a medical release letter that the baby is allowed to be on flight. Nb: doctors advise to wait until the baby is above 1 month to fly with them.
  7. Plan your cab pick-up and drop off early. Also have a plan b in case anything happens. On return flight the person I had planned with to pick me up failed to come on time, it wasn’t funny at all having to wait for another cab nearly 9pm.
  8. Start preparing way early because sometimes anything can happen to your clothes or that of your baby that may cause you to run late e.g baby burping, vomiting or poop that sometimes may pass to her outer clothes.
  9. If you are traveling alone, make sure to park everything in one bag. Then have a fairly sizeable handbag where you can carry your extra cloth and baby’s extra clothes. Pampers, changing pad and baby wipes.
  10. Don’t sit near the propeller #middle. Sit fairly infront or nearly at the back.
  11. Carry a baby carrier instead of a straller. For a straller you might need to pay for it as a luggage on its own because its heavy.
  12. Before you book your desired hotel, inquire if they provide baby cots. For a standard or deluxe room they should be able to provide a baby cot. Alternatively you can book a family’s room; they usually have two big beds.
  13. Carry your baby’s bath towel or buy a new one. I know hotels provide towels but trust me they aren’t safe to use in your baby’s delicate skin. Your baby can easily get skin infection.
  14. Carry basic baby medicine e.g. Calpol and bonisan.
  15. Below is the baby’s checklist that you need to include in your packing bag.
    1. Trousers/shorts/dresses/cardigans
    2. Baby sweaters or coats
    3. Short sleeved and long-sleeved vests
    4. Bibs,mittens & burp clothes
    5. Socks & baby hats
    6. Baby shawl/blankets
    7. Bottle feeders
    8. Baby oil, soap and lotion
    9. Baby towel
    10. Baby’s mosquito net & insect repellant
  16. Finally carry a camera with you to document all the beautiful memories.

What to pack when traveling with an infant

The whole process made me learn how important it is to record those special moments with your baby. I had forgotten my baby’s birth notification and so I had to be asked a few questions to proof that she is indeed mine. The videos and pictures from the point of her being born and the scanned B. Notification came in really handy.

Travel essentials when flying with an infant
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For a baby between 14 wks to 1 years it’s free as long you are carrying them on your lap. If you putting them on their own seat then you have to get pay for the ticket.

Travel essentials for infants
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I was taking a domestic flight. For an international flight there are many things to incorporate into this list e.g. Baby’s food warmer ,inflatable mattress, baby coat, car seat etc. I will do another article about this.

Travel essentials when flying with an infant
The Vic Hotel

Do you have questions about traveling with an infant in flight for a vacay? Drop them in the comment box below.

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I hope this travel essentials when flying with an infant are helpful to you.

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