It’s luxurious with keen sense of details. I mean The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel is the Hotel to be at in Kisumu City. As per its name, the hotel is indeed ‘Grand’ & ‘Royal’ in all ways.

It was my very first time going with my 4 months baby on a gateway and I couldn’t ask for any place better than this hotel. Last weekend was absolutely amazing. I learnt new things and explored new places with my infant including this hotel. I wrote an article about ‘Travel Essentials when flying with an infant on flight’, click here.

Back to what I was saying about the hotel,

Located along Kisumu kakamega highway, it boasts a wide green garden, 3 luxurious bars with private lounges, a Sauna, a massage parlour, a fully equipped gym with modern machines, a super large swimming pool, epic classic rooms ranging from deluxe➡️the royal suite➡️family suite and➡️ The presidential suite going for Kes.95,000 per night and a beautiful terrace to chill as you enjoy the breeze on a hot day.

Chill a bit… Look at my food 😋. Delicious.

The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel meals
Lamb chops with Mashed potatoes, assorted vegetables and a thousand Highland 😋

What I loved about the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, unlike other hotels it has an iron box, iron board, a safe, a fridge and a chilling area of more than 3pax in each and every room. How cool is that?? In addition to that, the family suites have their own balcony.

Talk of the interior decor, from the reception to waiting bay, to the decor along the corridors to the room decor, it’s all on a whole new level. They have an addiction to purely fine things that only a few can afford. I was totally mesmerised with every single detail at the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel.

Pause. Click on this video to see how lavish the hotel is.

Sometimes you might go to a hotel where they’ve got everything right but when it comes to meals and customer care services it’s totally horrible. The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel has a different testimony. All the meals we ate were insanely delicious. And their customer care services were so on point. Given a chance I would have stayed there for a whole week to enjoy the pool, the gym, the massage, the sauna, the jacuzzi exetra.

Take me back please 😋😋

Finally, the view is absolutely breathe taking. From the terrace or the rooms, you can see the beautiful surrounding hills allover covered by nothing but beautiful long trees and flowers here and there. The place is absolutely heavenly.

Look at my beautiful doll enjoying the breeze at the terrace view.

Luxury Defined: The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel
Baby Eliana… She is so grown. Can you see how beautiful the view is from the terrace? Its 👌

I definitely will choose to go to the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel Kisumu , any time any day.

Are you taking a Vacay/gateway to Kisumu soon? Book your stay at the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, you’ll love the stay.

Here are a few beautiful pictures we took of the place. For Full view, click on the video above or here

The bar at the Swiss Hotel Kisumu
The outer bar with a TV for the football lovers
Ms Kaela at the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel Kisumu
The waiting bay next to the GM office
Wea2go... Kisumu's Best Luxurious hotel
Water lovers, are you there!!!!
Luxury Defined: The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel
Damn, how I wish it was my office
Baby Eliana chilling at the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel Kisumu
She enjoying the place
Ms Kaela
How beautiful is this piece of art?
The presidential suite at the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel
The presidential suite working area. I feel all kind of royal 👑 right now 😊. #queen
I'm such a rose - Ms Kaela
It was sitting pretty on one of the console tables near the lifts… I’m such a rose 🌹 😉
The bar at the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel 👌
The 1st floor bar with all the legendary drinks 🍻👌
Office goals travel vlog
That office is goals. Gave me ideas for my soon coming office. So help me God 🙏😅

For more details of all the amenities, different suites, the Sauna, the gym, the reception, the restaurant, the swimming pool, the view and much more click here

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Let me know your views about the hotel in the comment box below or on YouTube comments.



  1. I enjoyed the video, thank you for sharing. I really liked seeing you walking around in that pink dress looking so delightful, the hotel is fitting for you. I would like to explore that large comfortable bed with you my dear. 😉 x x x x

  2. You look amazing in that video. Postpartum body looks amazing on you, you are thick in the right places


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