As much as people think blogging is fun; It has its own cons. Actually more cons than the pros, it ain’t easy. There are those days that I just wanna stop blogging completely and there are days that I’m super excited about it. So what are the pros and cons of blogging?

Truth be told the days of wanting to give up altogether have been many than the days of wanting to keep blogging.

The thought of having an online diary #blog where you get to share your mind, passion and get silly however you want is always interesting to many. But there’s more to having a blog than to write articles, publish and share it in your social accounts.

Who doesn’t want to have a blog.


Pros and cons of blogging

I started my Fashion blog 3 years ago out of my desire to share with the world my fashion sense which has since evolved into a fashion & lifestyle blog. Throughout this period I have learnt a lot.

That’s why I want to be purely frank about the pros and cons of blogging that bloggers don’t tell you. No sugar coating. It’s not all about just writing articles, publishing and sharing on your social accounts, there’s way more to it. Blogging needs determination, commitment and hard work just like any other job. That’s why you find most bloggers doing it as full time job.

Based on my experience so far, let me share with you my pros and cons of blogging. Starting with the


Pros of blogging

  1. The obvious; you get to share your mind with the world how you want it and whenever you feel like it.
  2. You can start up your blog within minutes. Yes. Actually less than 5 minutes. With platforms like WordPress, Wix and Bloggers offering that easy opportunity.
  3. You don’t have to have money to start a blog. You can start a blog for absolutely free on WordPress or bloggers platform. I actually started my website on WordPress for free before I decided to make my own with a .com extension.
  4. You don’t have to know programming/coding to start a blog. What you have to do is just to sharpen your storytelling sense.
  5. It’s a great way to generate extra cash. You can make passive income from blogging without having to lift a finger. If it goes well, gain popularity and huge audience, brands will be on your heels to market their products on your blog.
  6. It’s flexible. You can share with your audience any time you want to. Your time,your choice .
  7. It’s a good way to become famous, be recognized for your passion and get awards for it.
Blogging pros and cons

Cons of blogging

  1. It’s time consuming – blogging requires a lot of time. Creating content isn’t easy. From deciding on what to write to choosing scene and location for pictures; it requires time and alot of it.
  2. You need to have money to keep the blog running. You might need to pay photographers, buy some stuffs e.g clothes, necessary products, tripod stands & cameras.
  3. It takes time to make money – before people can notice your blog, grow a flowing and land contracts with companies, it might take a long time than you expected.
  4. It requires regular update. Laziness is a Big NO. That’s why it needs a lot of commitment, discipline and determination. You need to have a blog schedule of days to post and follow it through. If you are thinking of posting once a month just don’t do it.
  5. Some brands do not appreciate the work one puts into blogging and just wanna pay peanuts.
  6. Growing a huge engaging following isn’t easy. It takes time. Before a blog reader can click a like button, share or even comment takes time sometimes. Actually even the most popular of blogs usually have very few comments on their articles.
  7. Haters are unavoidable. Whether you write about godly matters or just your life journey, there are just people who will come hating.
  8. You have to know how to write and express yourself really well in writing.
  9. ROI is so slow
  10. Some people and companies takes bloggers for granted. They don’t appreciate the amount of time and energy bloggers put to create content thus aren’t paid well. Also people don’t see it as a serious job

Reasons why blogging is bad

Are you a blogger? Which are other pros and cons of blogging that I have left out?

Drop them in the comment box below.

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